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  1. 6 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

    Yeah that's right for CHDs, they are huge.

    just seems like an absolutely insane jump in space :) i also see 

    MAME 0.194 Software List ROMs 

    MAME 0.194 Software List ROMs (merged)  

    any chance that would be a new name for it ? size of them is around 55GB.

  2. MAME 0.194 Software List CHDs (merged) 1.928 TB! WHAT!! am i looking at something wrong?  from a certain pleasuresite.

    that seems like an insane jump in size. i think it was like 60gb last version i used which was MAME 0.190 CHDs (merged)

  3. 49 minutes ago, Dan said:

    I don't see the exodos torrents on PD any more - have they gone? 

    The latest torrent uploaded is eXoDOS Vol I: Adventure v3.1.  Maybe he took the old down and is replacing them? 

  4. 8 hours ago, Zombeaver said:

    It won't show the symbols and numbers if you import the way I show in my video tutorial. You don't need to rename anything. Just watch and follow through video, it covers everything.

    Yah I think that part of the video got a bit confusing for me.  Might revisit later when I have time to dice into it. But for now I have it working renaming them didn't take more then a minute so it's fine for now 😁.. 

  5. On 12/1/2018 at 11:09 PM, Kondorito said:

    Hey guys!
    Just saw the new LB 8.0 video in Youtube, and the mention of this logos set. It reminded me that I made the missing ones some time ago for each type of the 6 backgrounds.

    Find attached the zip, and enjoy!

    The list:

    • Alf TV Game
    • Arcade PC
    • Atari Classics
    • Big Fish Games
    • Capcom Classics
    • Daphne
    • Data East Classics
    • Doujin Soft
    • HBMAME
    • Irem Classics
    • Konami Classics
    • Konami e-AMUSEMENT
    • Konix Multi-System
    • MAME
    • Microsoft Windows 3.x
    • Midway Classics
    • MiSFiT MAME
    • Namco Classics
    • NEC PC Engine-CD
    • Nintendo Classics
    • Nintendo Super Famicom
    • Nintendo Super Gameboy
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Othello Multivision
    • PC Games
    • PopCap
    • Sega Classics
    • Sega RingEdge (black)
    • Sega RingWide (black)
    • SNK Classics
    • SNK Neo Geo AES
    • SNK Neo Geo MVS
    • Sony PSP Minis
    • Stepmania
    • Taito Classics
    • Taito Type X
    • Tecmo Classics
    • Tiger Game.com
    • Tomy Tutor
    • Touhou Project
    • Vector-06C
    • Vtech CreatiVision
    • Vtech Socrates
    • Williams Classics





    A million thanks for these. I tried my hand at making theme but it just never came out looking good 😂 I was getting so desperate I was thinking of paying someone. 

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