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  1. Sorry, I meant VGA 50 line mode which some apps use natively - Xtree gold for example.
  2. Awesome, I'm more exited about this than the main app Could you look into mode 80 support? Thanks!
  3. It looks like the latest version of XM6G (3.31)is correctly enabling English. Note, if you attempt to start it without the correct roms you will probably get a Japanese version of this error message.
  4. I've hacked up an English version which does the job. Edit: xm6_typeg_330L20_20161029.zip is no longer available from the dev's pages. It was not archived either.
  5. breech

    ExoDOS Import

    This thread is big enough with just the DOS stuff. Try over at vogons.org.
  6. breech

    ExoDOS Import

    Fair enough - it must be a massive operation for one person to undertake - how about at least dumping your wishlist here? I'm sure we can sort out some of the missing items.
  7. breech

    ExoDOS Import

    Anything we can help with for the next pack?
  8. I've found a way to insert the first two game disks launching XM6 from LaunchBox. I'll use Xenon 2 as an example. 1) Copy or rename your xmg6 exe and it's ini file to 8.3 chars if they aren't already (example: xm6g-e.exe) 2) Make a folder called 'Xenon 2 Megablast' 3) Unpack the disk images there and rename them to 8.3 chars (example: x2d1.dim) 4) Create a batch file in the folder called 'Xenon 2 Megablast.bat' 5) Paste the path and file names into the batch file to suit your emulator and game 6) Point LaunchBox to the batch file 7) Leave 'emulator' disabled 😎 Ignore the 'you need to set up an emulator' message 9) Enjoy @echo off REM xm6 emulator 2 disk loader - br33ch.work/?page_id=257 path="D:\Emulation\Sharp\X68000\XM6G-2016\x64" xm6g-64e.exe .\x2d1.dim .\x2d2.dim Notes: - Screenshot is from the English hack at br33ch.work/?page_id=257 - Don't bother messing with command line switches beyond this, xm6 takes two commands and will figure out what you are trying to achieve. Also the ini is not useful for mounting disk images. - Unfortunately, a dos window will be created whilst running and will sit in the background until the emulator ends. Let me know if you know a way around that. - There is methods to use long file names, but this can result in very hard to manage multiple quote situations - Xm6 will not load disks unless it's DLLs are found, hence the path statement when run from a remote location. EDIT: XM6 english version available: It looks like the latest version of XM6G (3.31)is correctly enabling English. Note, if you attempt to start it without the correct roms you will probably get a Japanese version of this error message.
  9. Thanks guys, I'll try those suggestions (nice batch btw). I am using Mednafen, but just wanted to see if it was possible to get Ootake running using mounted images.
  10. I want to pass an image path to an image mounter without batches or AHK because Ootake doesn't accept images natively. It would be handy with the run before/after functionality to mount/unmount automatically. There could be other uses I guess.
  11. Does anyone know if a path from Launcher (such as the path to a .CUE file) can be passed to Additional Apps as a parameter / variable? If launcher path was %1 that would be ideal. Thanks
  12. I'd like to follow up on this, I'd say there are others like myself that like to individually manage our games/views rather than use DB for the lot. Also, sometimes the largest source image available isn't a good resolution (or the content is small - such as gameboy carts), so zooming them to look decent would be useful. Modifying images shouldn't be the recommendation, there are already too many low res up-sized images out there.
  13. My LaunchBox was way out of date due to dotnet not installing. After the upgrade, the images that I had manually configured were all changed to the new folder structure, and my games are all currently imageless. Did I loose any images? How do I use the new structure manually? It looks like it happened in 6.3, anyone have a forum link to have a read of how it went down? - Improvement: Images have been restructured to include all of the various image types on the LaunchBox Games Database. Default image folders will be renamed on startup to match. Thanks!
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