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  1. Probably already figured it out but with Winape type " /A " in the command line and tapes, disks will auto run.
  2. If you specify the same install path as your corrupted Launchbox folder it will install a new Launchbox folder inside your existing Launchbox folder not an overwite.. which then means you have copy files from the new install to old install or vice versa to makeit work again therefore you have 2 Launchbox folders in 1 hence if you could overwrite it would save all this...
  3. But when you reinstall from back folder it will install a new launchbox folder if you could overwrite an existing/corrupted install would be good.. its to late once its corrupted and won't launch if you had the overwrite or install option would save a lot of time...My issue was caused as i got prompted to a new update which i said no as i was importing new roms when i closed and relaunched launchbox i did it twice as it was trying to open and update twice at the same time is what caused the my problem which is why i had to reinstall from back and copy files over if you could overwrite it would be alot simpler....
  4. Would it be possible to incorporate an overwrite type update system.. when launchbox updated to 9.4.2 beta it couldn't update said it would roll back to prevoius version making all unusable i reinstaled launchbox and have to copy all my folders to new install to make work again... When installing from back up folder if you had an option to overwrite existing launchbox folder it would be easier..
  5. No the only thing i run as admin is PCSX2 for the contoller issue but my last post was incorrect i can map controllers (xbox 360) save profile etc but when i launch a game nothing if i run as admin every thing works perfect not a major problem and PCSX2 is on a portable drive...
  6. I do run PCSX2 as admin as if i dont my 360 controller wont work in LB if i run as admin it works.. Although my 360 contoller will work with or with out admin when i run PCSX2 outside of LB
  7. problem solved i was running one cemu version as admin it was exiting full screen the one that was running normal was working fine disabled admin privileges works as normal again
  8. i,m even more confused now i have a backup version same both running launchbox 9.3 and both running cemu 15.1e one closes when "ESC" is pressed the other leaves fullscreen when "ESC" is pressed all settings the same
  9. has had that autohotkey script the whole time was working untill just recently don't know whats causing it
  10. cemu now only close from fullscreen when "esc" pressed have to use mouse to exit manually
  11. Is anyone having a black screen issue with the startup videos with pcsx2 i get the startup video then black screen pressing the left mouse button fixes it... running beta 9.2-8 all other emulators are working ??????...
  12. Lprong

    virtual reality

    Has any thought of adding a virtual reality platform ?????
  13. I do appreciate all the help, suggestions and positive replys not so much people's negative or unhelpful replys..
  14. hi have swapped to nightly builds and it works again thanks everyone.. bundangdon this was your reply to a comment the post left in Thoughts on Citra.. So no you did not previously answer the problem or discuss it as it only affects canary build not nightlys and no it was not a double post... 32-Bit GPU Members 133 413 posts Report post Posted Monday at 01:00 PM (edited) On 4/23/2018 at 12:38 PM, Lprong said: i'm having the same problem There seems to be some major changes made to the program's interface in windows in the last few 'nightly' updates, so it's very likely that some of this new code has affected other areas Edited Monday at 01:00 PM by bundangdon Quote
  15. Copied and paste into AHK Script still crashes I'll try nightly build when i finish work.. Thanks
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