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  1. wow, just checked documents and there it is ... thanks ...and il hang my head in shame now lol
  2. nothing like that on mine i have checked app data , il check documents now, but in the emulator folder all i have is this
  3. hi, ive spent last hour or so checking even did a search on the whole pc, it doesnt exist on mine for some strange reason
  4. hi @Zombeaver followed your brilliant guide to emulating amiga, got it running brilliant but one problem, when iy comes to importing games to launchbox tried using the exporter to create the files to get correct names, the latest version of fs uae (3.0) doesnt create a launcher.sqlite file any ideas what i can do? thanks
  5. @dragon57thanks bro i really like them , good job!!!!
  6. hey there mr dragon57, this is awesome and something i have really needed, one problem for me is being from the other side of the pond (england) my console names mainly sega are different.. any chance for Mega Drive , Mega CD etc? and if you could get amstrad cpc and amstrad GX4000 id be one happy camper haha, but well done this is brilliant
  7. Hey there so i kinda wiped my hardrive and accidently lost my premium license anyway i can get it back? i payed for a years worth i think lol
  8. Thank you for the reply, upped the ram cache and changed a few views and it seems to be working smooth again now!!
  9. Hi since the last couple of releases with background videos update etc my bigbox has had problems with the screen on menus moving about etc was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or a fix i have disabled background vids that did nothing and messed with over settings but to no avail bigbox will load up but the screren looks funny, then after a couple of menu chages the screen borders with its self i really hope i havent got to uninstall :(
  10. hi criticalcid i downloaded your theme and just downloaded the hstheme videos forgive me for being stupid but where do i put them haha i think your theme looks beautiful
  11. Thank you very much il have a good look!!! I have been hearing a lot about dolphin but was alittle unsure haha not long got back to pc and emulating Thank you again
  12. Hi have been using the hell out of Google to find as many texture packs as I can for n64 Not really intrested in making the games look completely different eg Mario 8bit textures But would love to find as many that improve the visual quality I've only found the usual half finished ones was wondering if anyone knew of any secret sites full of textures.... Lol I know prob not but worth a shot So far I've got packs for Mario64 , mariokart64 Zelda orcarina of time Duke nukem starfox Thanks my emulation family
  13. Thank u for the response It's funny because I've come from ps4 to this never had an Xbox ever but I've found that the 360 controller better for my emulators don't know why though haha. I did use a n64 controller With adaptor for n64 before but it's just a chore to keep changing controllers so trying to keep it simple. I must admit mame with an arcade stick is awesome so I need to get one again! I've never really thought of emulating past ps1 either I'm old or they don't feel retro enough to me How powerful must ur of be to run GameCube or wii emulators ?
  14. Hi was just wondering what controllers etc everyone is using I've just come back to emulating?!? After quite a few years used to use a single X arcade stick with mame then Been on the consoles since but launchbox got me back haha I'm using a Xbox 360 controller currently as it seems to work well with retro arch, mame, fusion etc I am thinking of getting an X arcade dual tank stick for mame tho But don't want to get too complicated and would like torun big box completely with out keyboard and mouse one day Sorry for essay This front end has reinvigorated my gaming habits so thanks !!
  15. Thank you all Made my mind up once I've got all my games In order I will subscribe and get them videos too!! Thanks for your help
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