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  1. here you go, also added to the database. BTW the background of the logo has alpha to better match the effect on the box art.
  2. I uploaded the blitz to the LB database, the amadeus mod isn't in the database so didn't add that one.
  3. Here's the ones I could do. Heisei Mahjong Shou graphic was too small, plus I don't understand Japanese so I don't know where the logo starts or ends.
  4. here you go, also added to the database
  5. found a higher res pic. also added to database.
  6. here you go. also added to the database.
  7. They way I do the lines is first create the lines going all the way across. Duplicate the text and Gaussian blur the text, the control click on the blurred text to make a selection. then select you lines layer and control - J to send the selection to a new layer. now you can turn off the original lines layer. Then duplicate the new lines layer and use motion blur on it.
  8. closest I could match them.
  9. Can you get a higher resolution scan?
  10. Virtual Fishing and Space Squash clear logos already exist in the launchbox data base.
  11. Remade it as close as I could.
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