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  1. Did the best I could, hope these will work for you.
  2. Photoshop doesn't make .svg files. You're going to need someone that works with Illustrator or another vector based program.
  3. Not too tricky, just a bit time consuming. Interesting to note, whoever created the original logo forgot a solder pad on one of the circuits on the first letter N added to LB database.
  4. here you go. Added to LB database
  5. Here you go, I kept in the outer bevel and drop shadow. Added to LB database.
  6. This one was easy. Just went to Invader Studios press kit and downloaded it.
  7. Added Starflight to LB database, didn't add Fraction Action because it's not in the database.
  8. And this is how it would look with an interpretation.
  9. The only thing I could do on these is enlarge the pixel art to wheel size.
  10. I can work with these, thanks for finding the high res scans.
  11. I like to be as accurate as possible, Pen tool will work if you have a high enough resolution scan.
  12. I think I could do these if you could point me to the Japanese font that is used for the subtitle. I tried searching for it but I don't read or write Japanese so I couldn't find the exact font.
  13. I'll start work on this, should be up tomorrow.
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