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  1. I did that one back in 2017, it's in the database. Unless there's something I'm not seeing?
  2. Not submitted to LB database. I just added transparency, thought you might want to change the levels, etc.
  3. submitted to LB database
  4. I was able to find a larger box scan with same logo here: http://andydecarli.com/Video Games/Collection/Sega 32X/Scans/Full Size/Sega 32X Corpse Killer Front Cover.jpg , so I was able to determine the font used. Not submitted to LB database.
  5. submitted to LB database
  6. It's too small to make out what fonts are being used, I tried searching for a bigger image but I don't know what tech or system this is.
  7. submitted to LB database
  8. submitted to LB database
  9. submitted to LB database. BTW there is a misspelling on the front of the box and repeated on the back the word "humans" is spelled as "fumans", unless I'm mistaken and there are actually fumans in the game.
  10. submitted to LB database
  11. submitted to LB database
  12. Excellent work! I don't see how I could improve. Well done!
  13. Submitted to LB database
  14. My personal target for logos is 2400xwhatever. And then I run them through https://tinypng.com/ to reduce file size since I'm using an older version of Photoshop. I've seen some people upload at 3840xwhatever so that they can say they are 4K sized. And to answer the question how big is too big? I've never seen any rules on it, just saw a lot of 3D boxes that were around 8 MB accepted to the database.
  15. Not submitted to LB database
  16. submitted to LB database
  17. This has come up before, I think if there was an option to tag a logo as "alternate" or "fanart" it would solve this problem.
  18. submitted to LB database
  19. submitted to LB database
  20. Not added to LB database
  21. submitted to LB database
  22. Way too low res challenge for me, hope someone else can come through.
  23. submitted to LB database
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