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  1. too small for me, I did a search and couldn't find anything I could work with. game was developed by Stove Studio and I couldn't find their website either.
  2. don't see it in the database
  3. they won't match the title screens
  4. any chance you can contact the author and ask for logos? They'd be far more accurate than anything I can come up with from a screen shot.
  5. another easy one; there was a high res version of the logo from their press kit. submitted to LB database
  6. easy one, found a black version online and used that. submitted to LB database
  7. I was only able to do patriots, the others are too low resolution.
  8. Here's what I got using the title screenshot, turned out better than I thought it would. Not submitted since it's not in the database.
  9. That's too small for me. I tried finding something bigger and could only find the title screenshot and that was too small also.
  10. submitted to LB database. the japan flyer logo is already in the database. I'm back to working full time so I don't have as much time to recut logos that are already in the database. Hope someone else can help out with those
  11. Not submitted to the LB database
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