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  1. Just to quickly chime in -- manually editing them is still not a viable solution. I continually have problems where the LB Database doesn't show the correct games when I type in something like "Tetris". I get lots of results, but I don't see the specific result I need. For example I see the Bullet Proof Software release, but that's not it. I also see the Tengen release (sometimes) but that's not it either. I see numerous other releases. I'm looking for the Nintendo release, created by R&D1 in 1989. When I go to the LB Database on the web I can find it, but when I try to get the LB app to show that game in the "title" options while editing the game details it just refuses to show up. I have similar problems with any game with duplicate names. I've tried renaming the roms to include the developer without the parentheses and I still have issues. Perhaps someone could look at a more permanent fix for this? It's super time-consuming dealing with this every time it happens. First I would recommend looking at the code that's listing potential titles and metadata in the "title" dropdown to see why it's not showing better matches, and secondly I would add something to the matching algorithm that essentially tells it not to ignore the stuff in parenthesis if everything outside of the parenthesis is exactly the same on more than one rom.
  2. Having the same issue -- maybe something is wrong with the mechanism that sends the download link, or you guys ended up on a blacklist somewhere? I'm using gmail, and the email hasn't shown up in my spam or inbox. It's been about 10 to 15 mins since clicking the link. UPDATE: It just came through... took about 2 hours.
  3. I had tried the RetroArch.7z from the build server and it doesn't seem to have any cores in it, unfortunately. There may be a reason they don't keep older cores on the build server but I feel like it would be a good idea for situations like this, or maybe when someone is trying to repro a bug and needs to figure out which version of a core it started with. BUT --- thank you for uploading the core! I really appreciate it. It's going to save me DAYS of mucking about with trying to update my mame sets. My wife and I just took a shot of Grappa to celebrate! Also, lesson learned... I should backup my cores just in case I update a core and it is buggy and I need to revert back. I'm just going to highly recommend this practice to everyone. :)
  4. Thanks Brad. Yeah, I plan on updating all the cores (nes, genesis, gameboy, etc) whenever new updates for them come out, with the exception of mame... because the mame roms need to be updated as well, and so does the art, and the dats, and a bunch of other stuff that quite honestly I just don't have time to keep up with. I tried using clrmamepro and it just confused the ever-living-crap out of me, so much so that I opted to completely nuke my 0.148 set and just start over from scratch with 0.170. But for the time being I've done some googling and can't seem to find a retroarch archive with the mame_libretro.dll for version 0.170 inside. And if by some miracle someone happens to have that dll and could zip it up and send it to me that would save me days of work and frustration. :)
  5. About a week ago I figured out how to get the MAME stuff working in retroarch and I was pretty excited. So I spent the last 5 days setting up and configuring all my mame stuff (updating roms, getting the proper art and dats and ini files) for version 0.170 which is the version of the core that retroarch auto-downloaded for me. Well, I'm not sure how, but somehow my mame core got accidentally updated to 0.174 which means many roms no longer work. I've searched all over the internet and cannot for the life of me find a version of the mame_libretro.dll for version 0.170 like I had just last week. I've thoroughly searched the libretro nightlies builds and archive and it seems to have no previous versions... they're all 0.174 now. Do any of you guys/girls happen to have a copy of the mame_libretro.dll (x64, 0.170)? I'm really hoping someone sees this that hasn't updated their core yet, because I would absolutely love you forever if you could message me if you still have a 0.170 core. Thanks!
  6. Okay, I've submitted a minor bug for you. Thanks for your help!
  7. Okay thanks guys, I guess I just didn't understand that you understood. :P Brad: I tried restarting LB and the issue didn't go away. I checked the images/front directory and the only image in there is "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.jpg" I should probably mention that I'm using LB v6.2 and if there's a newer version maybe that's why you're not seeing it? Over the last 10 days or so that I've been setting up all my emulation inside of LB I've seen this issue happen any time LB thinks two different games are the same game upon import. Once that happens, correcting the artwork once the games have been identified correctly *always* leads to images getting removed from games that I'm not currently editing. I used the Indiana Jones game as an example here only because it was the toughest one to fix. Usually I can fix game art by just making sure LB has the correct ID #'s for each game and then re-download all the artwork within LB and everything is okay, even though the issue of removing art for one removes it from both. But with Indiana Jones that one was especially difficult to fix. Anyway, thanks! Let me know if you still can't reproduce and if there's anything else I should try in order to prevent art getting removed from games incorrectly in the way I described.
  8. In the case I found the names weren't *exactly* the same, but were really, really close. The only real difference was the parenthesis at the end of the name showing the publisher. Maybe LB is ignoring information in parenthesis? It's possible I'm not explaining any of this in a way that makes sense to anyone, and I apologize. I have a pretty decent understand of how LB works as I've been using it for over a week and have imported many thousands of roms. I could make a video to help explain it better, but for now I'll try one more time. Try this yourself with these two roms and you'll see what I'm talking about. It only takes a couple of minutes to test. :) First, remove all your NES roms from LB and then use Tools > Clean Up Images... just to be sure you're starting from scratch. Take these roms as example. Import both of these and just choose front box artwork, that's all that's need to show the issue: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Taito) (U).zip Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (UBI Soft) (U).zip Upon importing, both of those will show up in LaunchBox as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (this is NOT the problem! keep reading!). Because LB thinks they're both the same game (ID #1859) they will share the exact same artwork. Because LB let's you edit the games this should be an easy fix, right? It's using the Taito version, so let's fix the UbiSoft version. LB displays the name of the actual rom files if you have the information panel on the right turned on. So, select each game until you find the UbiSoft version. Right-click it and select Edit. Now because we know the ID attached to this rom shouldn't be ID #1859, we can left click the red x button near the ID to let LB know that's the wrong ID for this game. Now that the ID is gone, we can click the "Search for Metadata" button that shows up in its place. When we do, we see that there are TWO Indiana Jones games... one from 1991 and one from 1993. I happen to know that the UbiSoft version is the one released in 1993, so let's choose that and it will populate a new game ID #27143. So far, so good! Now that you've given LB the correct game information, it's time to download the correct artwork. Click the "Download Images/Media" button and choose the front box artwork. When you're finished you'll now have 2 box covers and only one of them is correct. This is where the trouble begins... While still in the edit window, use the left/right arrows near the upper left of the artwork box to select the box cover from Taito, because that one doesn't belong to this game. Now click the red x button near the upper right of the artwork to remove the Taito box cover from ID #27143. Now you should have only the correct box cover displayed. Yay! Click okay to exit the edit screen. Now both games are displaying correctly! Double-yay! But wait... are they really? Select Tools > Refresh All Images Uh oh. Now you see the problem. The art for the game ID #1859 should not have been touched. Why did LB remove it? Getting these two different games, that have two different ID #'s and two differently named rom files, to display artwork correctly was very, very tricky to fix. The only solution I found was to: 1) remove all the artwork from both games, and use the cleanup feature to permanently remove the artwork from the hard drive. 2) make sure both games have the correct ID numbers. 3) edit one of the game titles within launchbox so they are vastly different (i.e. Indiana Burgers and the Last Leaf of Lettuce). 4) download all the art manually by google searching for the appropriate images. 5) manually adding the images to each game within LB by clicking the little yellow + button. 6) verify everything is correct and LB is displaying the appropriate artwork for each game. 7) now edit the title in LB from Indiana Burgers back to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but add (UbiSoft) and (Taito) to each title, respectively so that LB hopefully won't confuse the two.
  9. Sorry, I just checked and it seems the image isn't actually deleted from the hard drive (you need to use the Tools > Clean Up Images for that to happen). However, the art becomes unassociated from other games that use it. I assumed it had been deleted because of that reason, sorry about that. However, LB *acts* as if the art has been deleted, if that makes sense. I actually think that LB does a great job regarding detecting roms in the database. It's really, really accurate. Even if you can't improve the detection accuracy I think it's fine the way it is. :) The problem isn't the importer, it's the way LB handles the images after all the importing is finished and something needs to be edited. Also, I apologize if I was unclear; when I said that I had to rename the rom, I wasn't suggesting that LB should rename roms. What I meant was (let's take the FunGame 2 example in my original post) if I edit FunGame 2 within LB (assuming FunGame 2 also has the proper ID now) I just rename the title and leave the ID alone. This was the only way around the problem I had with getting the art to show up correctly for the Indiana Jones games on NES.
  10. Hi guys, First I would like to say that I recently purchased LaunchBox when 6.0 was released and I really love it. You guys have done an awesome job. I've spent the last week or so setting up various emulators with LaunchBox and RetroArch. I've worked with many emulation front-ends (MaLa has been my favorite for years, and it's what I use on my arcade cabinet) and I think LaunchBox is the easiest to set up that I've ever used. Anyhow, the reason I'm posting is that I have a feature suggestion to alter functionality slightly when editing games. If you're editing a game and click the red x to delete an image such as a front box art, it deletes the image from the hard drive even if other games are currently using that image. I think there should be a quick check to see if another game is also using the image before the image is removed. Here is a typical scenario that I've run into many, many times over the last week: 1) Import roms and let LaunchBox scour the database to automatically detect and give proper names for the roms and download art. 2) 95% of these will be correct, but usually there will be a couple of games, such as a game and it's sequel, that are detected as the same game (let's call these roms FunGame, and FunGame 2). 3) Both games will be using the same cover art, screenshots, etc., because LB thinks they're the same game. 4) Figure out which game is detected incorrectly based on the rom name. In this case let's say LB incorrectly thinks FunGame 2 is the original. Right click it and edit the game in LB. 5) Type in the correct name for FunGame 2 and match it to the correct game in the LB database, then let LB download new art for it. 6) Notice that the front box image, screenshot image, and other images for FunGame are *still* present in FunGame 2 along with the new, correct images for FunGame 2. Only the new art is correct, so use the red x to delete the old art so that it is no longer associated with this game. 7) Click okay to exit the edit screen and apply your changes. 8) Now refresh your images and notice that the artwork is now missing for FunGame. FunGame 2 is fine, but FunGame has no art now. Also, this really, really, really, gets complicated to fix when LaunchBox has two games that it insists are the same game when they are not. For example the NES has two versions of Indiana Jones -- "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Taito)", and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (UbiSoft)" It took me absolutely forever to figure out how to get the correct images set up for each of them. The solution was to delete all images for both games, download the images myself with my web browser, then rename one of the games to something completely different, manually apply all the images to both games, then finally rename the game back to what it should be. That was the only way to get it working correctly that I could figure out. So I think all of this may be solved by doing a check to see if an image is in use for another game before physically deleting it. Thanks guys!
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