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  1. I just love it ! as always the themes will be available soon ? thanks
  2. Nyny77

    Beetle PSX HW - Core Settings Advice

    Thanks @Zombeaver
  3. Nyny77

    Hide my darn cursor

    Thanks @Lordmonkus !!!
  4. Nyny77


    awesome buddy very great work as always.
  5. Nyny77

    Bezel rounded effect (Vertical and Horizontal)

    Sorry i'm french ;)) In Retroarch / Video put on "Custom" lower you can adjust
  6. Nyny77


    thank you but still the same problem...bizzare Version Theme Sega CD 1.1 / FONT COPRGTB / 1920x1080 Version BigBox 8.2
  7. Nyny77


    Thanks !! very great job ! I have a little problem ... what to do please ? (my resolution is 1920x1080) Thank you very much once again
  8. Nyny77


    Awesome !! Thanks @faeran
  9. Nyny77

    Settings.xml corrupt

    thanks once again !