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  1. Collection Logos + Files AI View File Collection Logos + Files AI Adobe Enjoy Submitter Nyny77 Submitted 12/19/2020 Category Game Media Packs
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Collection Logos + Files AI Adobe Enjoy
  3. Hey @Jason Carr ??❤️Big Update French (late..) ??❤️ Language-fr-FR.zip
  4. Nyny77

    CoinOps Redux

    I think I found the problem. I modified in BigBox the video player for Windows Media Player. For the moment no more bugs.
  5. Nyny77

    CoinOps Redux

    how can you help? an error report? Thanks Sorry with my english, i m french
  6. Nyny77

    CoinOps Redux

    Awesome, but sometimes it bugs, the theme freezes ... help would be appreciated Thanks, great work !
  7. Nyny77


    3 years.... old and still the best theme
  8. ?⚪? Language-fr-FR.rar
  9. Yes, version French, bug with final version + 12hr version Thanks @Mr. RetroLust
  10. French translation here ! ??❤️ have a good meal ? Language-fr-FR.rar
    wow awesome ! is this possible the evaluations ? (star rating community) Thanks
  11. French is here ! ??? Language-fr-FR.zip
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