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  1. @y2guru I don't know if rectangle is part of creator default or something else. But its causing problems. it does not respect conditions value "no value" like all other images. Only accepts "null". But when uses as such it works partially. On some platform it works collapsed properly while on others it doesn't and even if value it not "null" it stays colapsed. Can u check and if possible make it work with "no value" and see whats happening with "null"? Example test: "Platform Categories"->"computers". It clearly has info in Set default visible, conditioning ->collapsed when value = null. And instead of being visible , it becomes collapsed.
  2. Oh i finally got it. U used action "immediately" and set to negative axis to prevent texture popin on screen when they should have been hidden. Then just aligned timers to match for every other. That was my problem, they all kept appearing on screen then disappearing and reappearing again when animation starts. Even if i tell them to start off screen they still pop in middle of screen. Your solution is fine indeed. Thanks P.S love the textures , give very clean look.
  3. Ooops thats xaml I need the project file txt from comunity editor Default_PlatformWheel1FiltersView.txt
  4. @cemfundogHello! Do you think you could share your Default_PlatformWheel1FiltersView.txt part of project files? For learning purposes. I am struggling to make my panels move in unison like you did in yours. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Because i became frustrated that i gave up.. it would take me several "lives" to paste all new elements
  6. Please make "PASTE" more versatile. I just spent 50 minutes pasting single element to shit load of systems and i still have 9 elements to paste.. Maybe make multiple elements to be selected and pasted at once?
  7. @y2guru This came out from my "creative thinking" ? idea was to make book or magazine alike template for information. Some fresh ideas could help lol
  8. Nah thats too much information for scrolling. In some games i have extensive notes for them. Already moved clock and date to an actual "live clock", notes will require some creative thinking
  9. That's it! <BigBoxTheme>Collections</BigBoxTheme> Nice one, i couldn't find that. Thanks
  10. Yeah. I am finally making my theme possible. Still a lot to do. Need some kind of cabinet for scrolling text or something that fits into room idea. But so far it looks nice.
  11. Alright, i actually realized that i can do the same by using conditioning gif->file-exist to prevent png overlap Thanks anyway
  12. That's inconvenient way to utilize this. Base idea is to put every png artwork /gif in one folder , name each file based on GameID , then choose load order (this part is missing in your tool) u have everything except that its separate either gif or png.
  13. Its BB built in function. basically it chooses from folder and u can select multiple options it will prioritize based on availability and listing <!-- PRIORITIZED BACKGROUND IMAGE BINDING ApplicationFileNameWithoutExtension--> <Style x:Key="GameGraphicsBind" TargetType="controls:PrioritizedPathSelector"> <Setter Property="Priority1FileName"> <Setter.Value> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}{0}.png"> <Binding Path="ActiveGame.LaunchBoxDbId"/> </MultiBinding> </Setter.Value> </Setter> <Setter Property="Priority2FileName"> <Setter.Value> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}{0}.gif"> <Binding Path="ActiveGame.LaunchBoxDbId"/> </MultiBinding> </Setter.Value> </Setter> </Style> Same function but for platformID/playlistname <!-- PRIORITIZED BACKGROUND IMAGE BINDING --> <Style x:Key="PlatformBackgroundBind" TargetType="controls:PrioritizedPathSelector"> <Setter Property="FileExtension" Value=".png" /> <Setter Property="Priority1FileName"> <Setter.Value> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}Theme\Background\{0}"> <Binding Path="FilterTitle"/> </MultiBinding> </Setter.Value> </Setter> <Setter Property="Priority2FileName"> <Setter.Value> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}Theme\Background\{0}"> <Binding Path="KnownPlatformOrPlaylistTitle"/> </MultiBinding> </Setter.Value> </Setter> <Setter Property="Priority3FileName"> <Setter.Value> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}Theme\Background\{0}"> <Binding Path="Platform.Name"/> </MultiBinding> </Setter.Value> </Setter> <Setter Property="Priority4FileName"> <Setter.Value> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}Theme\Background\{0}"> <Binding Path="ActiveGame.Platform" /> </MultiBinding> </Setter.Value> </Setter> <Setter Property="Priority5FileName" Value="Theme\Background\Default" /> </Style> U have binding but its missing prioritized function to choose which to load first then ignore other . Can be used for png or gif
  14. @y2guruHello! Request if i may. Merge or create new <ADD> image or gif? And let PrioritizedPathSelector load, either random or choice option. Right now its separate process to load either gif or png. <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}{0}.png"> <Binding Path="ActiveGame.LaunchBoxDbId"/> </MultiBinding> </Setter.Value> </Setter> <Setter Property="Priority2FileName"> <Setter.Value> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}{0}.gif">
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