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  1. Hey ppl! I am curious, as title states, how do you deal with multiple monitors ,mouse locking to game? I usually used https://github.com/CyberShadow/AutoMouseLock app works marvelously, when launching games directly or from other non fullscreen app.. It will release mouse if u alt tab to desktop and lock it again once fullscreen is established And there lies the problem.. BigBox is fullscreen and it launches another app from within it self in yet another fullscreen and app is not built for that. It gets stuck on BB and not on app launched from it. One would have to alt/tab out then alt/tab back to enable mouse lock on desired app but doing that kinda breaks BB, fade out screen and stuff.. So.. ..?
  2. Sega Cartridges Template (PSD) includes several created carts Just in case u need to create some. Sega Cartridge Template.7z
  3. @SuperDerpBro Yes. If you don't use HidGuardian driver then you have to use "Hide DS4 Option" in DS4Windows (ie. exclusive mode). This exclusive mode requires that DS4Win app MUST BE the first one to open the original DS4 controller in order to hide it from other apps. Same applies to idle disconnect/reconnect https://github.com/Ryochan7/DS4Windows/issues/613 Basically, what it means is that either make sure ds4win is always first to connect to gamepad (idle reconnect or not) or use hidguardian, That would suggest that u shouldnt use idle disconect if u wanna play games without hid guardian. Either turn off retroarch when u plan to go or turn off /relaunch before re-connecting gamepad. Or use hidguardian. Ryochan plans to fully integrate hid into ds4 as soon as hid gets stable release stable https://github.com/Ryochan7/DS4Windows/wiki/DS4Windows-and-HIDGuardian-Install-and-Setup-Guide
  4. ds4windows yes? Do this. Make .bat file in ds4windows folder. and inside .bat file write this :: Run elevated on logon (via Task Scheduler) for good DS4Windows (exclusive access) @echo off echo [#] Waiting for NvContainerLocalSystem service... :WAIT timeout /t 1 > NUL for /f "tokens=4" %%s in ('sc query NvContainerLocalSystem ^| find "STATE"') do if NOT "%%s"=="RUNNING" goto WAIT timeout /t 3 > NUL echo [#] Stopping NvContainerLocalSystem... net stop NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem echo [#] Starting DS4Windows and waiting 5 seconds... START "" /D "%~dp0" "%~dp0\DS4Windows.exe" timeout /t 5 > NUL echo [#] Starting NvContainerLocalSystem... net start NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem Now launch ds4windows using that bat file. it will make sure that nvidia overlay doesnt snatch ur gamepad. be sure not to have other app's that might do the same at least not before u launch that bat.. (Steam etc) now u can play ur games P.S nvidia overlay is always active. Its part of drivers.
  5. Maybe emulator doesnt close fast enough , have u tried with latest demul? http://forum.emu-russia.net/viewtopic.php?p=26178#p26178 Also adding this to autohotkey makes sure emulator closes ; This section closes Demul when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  6. @dragon57 Yes thats it U did more work on yours , adding front/back? covers, logo , cart? Cool.
  7. In app, Online update->content downloader->utilities->overlay editor. This actually worked before , that second overlay is treated as button, one can have as many buttons as they want Editor can then be found in downloads folder in within retroarch
  8. Hey ppl! I know some of u probably had idea to draw additional or multiple layers of image on top of main bezel in retroarch, like MAME or some other console? In my case it was desire to show cartridges of game i am currently playing on top of bezel without photoshoping original bezel. Heres how. First you need CFG file of your desired core RetroArch\config\Snes9x\ it would consist of cfg files for each game, example: Addams Family, The (USA).cfg inside should be what u probably already know , path pointing to your actual bezel work. This is how RA works so this is required. input_overlay = ":/overlays/GameBezels/SNES/Addams Family, The (USA).cfg" Now comes fun part Inside retroarch we have our bezels. example RetroArch\overlays\GameBezels\SNES\Addams Family Values (USA).cfg which is accompanied by its png bezel Addams Family Values (USA).png Basic stuff, just wanted to get it out of the way. And now here is what we do to get multiple images drawn on top of our main bezel In my case i will use one main bezel for every game accompanied by additional images (cartridges for each game) So i write overlays = 1 overlay0_full_screen = true overlay0_normalized = true overlay0_range_mod = 1.5 overlay0_alpha_mod = 0.0001 overlay0_overlay = SNES_PAL_MAIN_BEZEL.png overlay0_descs = 1 overlay0_desc0 = "cart,0.839924,0.813324,rect,0.115484,0.0864266" overlay0_desc0_overlay = "Addams Family Values (USA).png" I did not get permission from author of bezel i did this for, so i cannot show u pictures , but i will help with cfg files and script to write them. Let me explain cfg first. overlay0_overlay = SNES_PAL_MAIN_BEZEL.png This is MAIN Bezel , for screen. overlay0_desc0_overlay = "Addams Family Values (USA).png" This is actual layer image overlay0_desc0 = "cart,0.839924,0.813324,rect,0.115484,0.0864266" This is position of second layer image Some my wonder how to get those numbers for position? Go to Retroarch , Online update->content downloader->utilities->overlay editor. download retroarch overlay editor.(Editor can then be found in download folder within retroarch First click actions and set canvas size. Position elements where u want them and u get position Doing this for zilion games is kinda crazy.. but if u like me just want basic one Bezel and cartridges on top, this will do quick work. (This can also be used for multiple layers on one overlay) Result is very ugly mockup image. and for every game What python script does? it writes info in your pre made cfg files for your games. Feel free to open it up and edit. Put name of your main bezel inside and thats it. Py will write filename.png which will be your cartidges and rest of info. I hope i was clear enough ..you'll have to forgive my English its not my main language.. P.S Python script requires 2.7 Python installed on your PC P.P.S If you want to add more layers, this is how: All you have to do is .. overlay0_descs = X X=update the ammount of layers And then just add new button layers with their position and file name overlay0_desc1 = "new_layer0,x.xxx,x.xxxx,rect,x.xxx,x.xx" overlay0_desc1_overlay = some_layerX.png overlay0_desc2 = "new_layer1,x.xxx,x.xxxx,rect,x.xxx,x.xx" overlay0_desc2_overlay = some_layerY.png @Thatman84 i saw u were asking for this on libretro forums write-in-all-text-files.zip snes_files.zip
  9. P.S Can't use VMU with theme for rocket, because RL draws VMU on top of bezel. So only separate VMU would work
  10. Well , maybe for future, flycast can have VMU on side like demul core, so it wouldnt hurt to have one that is inside theme. But right now ,VMU that is separate but styled as theme would be awesome
  11. Cant change image size, rocketlauncher requirement (Demul). I would move to flycast if developer would give greater control over VMU's , unfortunately they are drawn over game screen there. Thanks
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