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  1. Thanks for the reply. Totally agree with the original point about images being replaced when you have a perfectly good spot for reconstructions to be added. Shame some people are not always as thorough. Thanks for the reference box image, what you say makes sense.
  2. Hi, The issue in question is very valid and it's nice to see some decent attempts at moderation of the quality of the LBDB. Personally the definition of "authentic" seems a little off though. Surly you want scans of covers without any scratches, price stickers or labels 1st? Obviously with the age of the games will enjoy that's gonna be almost none! I hope the moderation and quality control continues to improve because there is some less desirable results right now. I also understand the amount of data involved and people willing to dedicate their spare time to it makes in ine
  3. I had this the other day with a usb device I was not using. I updated the drivers for that usb in device manager which stopped the constant stream of messages.
  4. Fair enough, I did play with it but don't actually have any emus not supported. I did some testing by using the commands for supported emus in the custom setup and that works fine.
  5. Just picked up the LB app on my phone again since release. Seems to be coming along nicely. Keep up the good work With the custom emulator what is the ROM key path? I'm not to sure what the key bit means. I'm gonna give it a try out
  6. Yeah RetroArch must be closed to allow launching to Rom. Seems pretty standard to me. Easy enough to close after playing via controller and hotkey or just touchscreen through the menu or normal android app closing methods
  7. I just got back to messing with Android LB since release today. I will have a play and see if it happens for me. I have an older build on my phone as the current 64bit RA doesn’t have all availiable cores. I’m running 1.7.4 32bit
  8. Go to Retroarch , updates, MISC and download retroarch overlay editor. where about sis this? In the app or a website?
  9. Very cool. I didn’t realise they had an overlay editor. Thanks for writing and sharing
  10. I bet.........Thanks for the reply. I look forward to digging into some of the tricky android systems and helping out where I can.
  11. Just wondering if there’s a bit of a roadmap/poll for Android port additional features? Very nice to see the port becoming a thing, as yet I cant make the move from HS Android on STV but I may give it a little test this week on my phone, my LB setup is minimal.
  12. If it’s not done before the next poll, I’ll try and remember to suggest adding it as “Party Mode” give you the ability to hide/create playlists/platforms/games for those type of situations when your not in control. It may gain more votes with Party in the title 😀 def a worthy addition imo
  13. Seems the "maybe one day" is now here. Very much looking forward to the new android release. Goog times
  14. The Hyperspin DB is 1803ish iirc but thats 1release per game and does include multi-disc games as entry per disc.
  15. Glad it helped!! It was one of the only times I have adb logged retroarch on my Shield TV and fixed it with the above change lol
  16. Polls for retroarch menu changes https://forums.libretro.com/t/polls-for-upcoming-changes-have-your-say/15759
  17. Good to see you back creating things Klop! I agree with the above on contrast but they are still looking good. This is going to be my theme eventually when I have a PC that can run BB properly. I'm super glad to be getting emails from this thread again. Snak3ater getting some help and pushing this theme forward again
  18. Any chance of shutting pc down after scrape media has finished. Bringing the pop ups for errors and confirmation back up at next launch?
  19. Awesome run down @SNAK3ATER. Many thanks Maybe a little copy and paste or link that post in the theme download for future reference.
  20. Im in a similar boat. But i dont have a setup yet. Im starting from scratch and wonder what art i should scape to get this looking as sweet as your video
  21. Try making your rom folder name pegasus. Idk i only use retroarch on android. Did you folloe Brads mess video tutorial
  22. So this would be the error Starting game:D:\LaunchBox\Games\Aamber Pegasus\TANK12_T2R.bin RetroArch [libretro WARN] :: Driver TANK12_T2R not found -1 RetroArch [libretro ERROR] :: Driver not found TANK12_T2R RetroArch [libretro WARN] :: Driver Aamber Pegasus not found -1 RetroArch [libretro ERROR] :: System not found: Aamber Pegasus Im really patchy on this stuff and not sure how the cmd line stuff works. Looks to me like it is ignoring your cmd line and looking for the bios/driver in the same folder as the rom. (I could be totally wrong...its the 3rd RA log I have ever read) Maybe
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