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  1. 1 hour ago, Dane said:

    Unfortunately that does nothing in this case. It is almost like these are separate from your "normal" notifications in RA. It is just a continual stream of that message over and over again, weird.

    I had this the other day with a usb device I was not using. I updated the drivers for that usb in device manager which stopped the constant stream of messages.

  2. Just picked up the LB app on my phone again since release.

    Seems to be coming along nicely. Keep up the good work

    With the custom emulator what is the ROM key path? I'm not to sure what the key bit means. I'm gonna give it a try out 

  3. 2 hours ago, Jason Carr said:

    Not as of yet. I have a lot of things to flesh out before we'd do any kind of a poll, and a lot of things are still in the planning stages.

    I bet.........Thanks for the reply. I look forward to digging into some of the tricky android systems and helping out where I can.

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  4. Just wondering if there’s a bit of a roadmap/poll for Android port additional features?

    Very nice to see the port becoming a thing, as yet I cant make the move from HS Android on STV but I may give it a little test this week on my phone, my LB setup is minimal.

  5. If it’s not done before the next poll, I’ll try and remember to suggest adding it as “Party Mode”

    give you the ability to hide/create playlists/platforms/games for those type of situations when your not in control.

    It may gain more votes with Party in the title 😀 def a worthy addition imo

  6. So this would be the error

    Starting game:D:\LaunchBox\Games\Aamber Pegasus\TANK12_T2R.bin
    RetroArch [libretro WARN] :: Driver TANK12_T2R not found -1
    RetroArch [libretro ERROR] :: Driver not found TANK12_T2R
    RetroArch [libretro WARN] :: Driver Aamber Pegasus not found -1
    RetroArch [libretro ERROR] :: System not found: Aamber Pegasus

    Im really patchy on this stuff and not sure how the cmd line stuff works. Looks to me like it is ignoring your cmd line and looking for the bios/driver in the same folder as the rom. (I could be totally wrong...its the 3rd RA log I have ever read)

    Maybe try disabling softlists in the core options

  7. I think his last post was the 22nd so with Brads exit and no streams Im guessing there are some issues keeping him away.

    Maybe let him take a breath

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