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  1. Hello friends, sorry my bad english, I do not speak the language and had to use the translator. Well guys, I'm using retroarch to play my games and in multi disc games I'm using m3u files and everything works fine, my only annoyance is that every time I want to start a game already on the second CD, I'm bound opening the tray when the game starts and switching to the second CD every time I do this process. I would like to know if there is any way to make Launchbox Force Second Disk when the game starts, even if it is from the command line. That I add the games and then mix. I had already done this, had created a m3u file for each CD, changing only the order of First and then merged it, but unfortunately it creates a different save file for each m3u. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm having a problem trying to start Launchbox.Next, the message that appears is this and I already have this plugin in the folder. Thank you.
  3. It's a nice guy, I was crazy to find a theme that does not need logos, most Japanese games do not have a logo pack anywhere. I'm very fond of you to finish it, my friend, Good luck in your project !!!
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