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  1. Thank you. Some of the games run upside down. Is there a quick fix to adjust the orientation?
  2. I've downloaded the latest FBA version ( I have a Final Burn Alpha romset labelled FB_Alpha_0.2.97.39. Does the emulator version and romset need to match or can I use this set?
  3. I was missing files in the rom package for those games. Download the GUI from emucr. Place it in the same folder as supermodel to run it. Loading the problem games from the GUI will give an error window. This stated what files were missing. i found the missing files in other model 3 roms and just copied them in. Get Bass is the only rom not working for me now. It boots to the game check screen and then finds a board error. Not sure if it's a bad rom or just not compatible yet. It looks to be the same game as Sega Bass Fishing that does work though.
  4. Thats done it. Thanks for all the help. Love this forum. 😃
  5. Progress made thanks to you guys. Down to 2 games not working. Get Bass comes up with a board error during boot. Is this the same game as Sega Bass Fishing?. If so that works so it's not a problem. LeMans 24 is missing epr-18261.bin - any ideas if this can be found in another romset? Google keeps pointing me to the supermodel forum that I can't register on.
  6. Thanks, I'll give that a look. No, I can't be sure the roms are correct, I'll try others and grab the GUI. Thanks for the pointers 👍
  7. Those files were already there. Replacing them didn't help. Most of the games I'm having problems with open to a black screen. I can't enter the test menu by pressing "6" like I was able to with other games. Is this the forum? I'll register there if you recommend it.
  8. Thanks Headrush, I'd appreciate that. I'm running SVN r777.
  9. I have just set up the supermodel emulator for sega model 3 (version 0.3a-wip). The following games do not boot. I expect they are just not compatible yet, but if anybody has these working can you let me know and I will stick with it a little longer. Dirt Devils Emergency Call Ambulance Get Bass L.A. Machine Guns Le Mans 24 Magical Truck Adventure Sega Bass Fishing Sega Rally 2 DX Virtual on 2
  10. Just had a hdd failure that had my launchbox installed on. I have all roms backed up so just a case of setting things up again. I had been thinking of changing to an external enclosure to free up storage on my tower and also to make it portable. This seems like the ideal time to make that jump. Do many of you run launchbox from external drives? Are there any downsides? Lag? I was looking at this 4 bay Orico. Thanks DG
  11. sasquatch

    Metadata search

    Thanks Neil, that's going to save me hours!
  12. sasquatch

    Metadata search

    I'm just tidying up some missing artwork. A lot of games previously missing art had no match with the launchbox database, but when I edit and search again today it can now find a match. Is there an easy option to search a platform for games without a match, and then get them to search again to see if the updated database can now find them? Doing this individually is going to take a long time.
  13. R click the game and hit edit. Then in bottom right of window click on "Download images/media"
  14. Thanks, I'll check it out again later.
  15. I can't scrape any videos from EmuMovies today - test connection keeps failing. I can log onto their site ok. Anybody else struggling today or do I need to investigate further? Thanks
  16. Would it be possible to configure multiple games at once rather than individually?
  17. A little late to this thread, but thanks for the .bat Norfair, it will save me a lot of time.
  18. That's fixed it. Thanks for taking the time to help.
  19. That's right. Adding them to "Handhelds" and no systems will be listed but all roms will show. Adding them to Handhelds2 and all works fine. There is no option to delete the original "Handhelds category.
  20. Same result. I created a new category and added the systems to that successfully......but.....I couldn't name it Handhelds as there was already a category named that and I'm unable to delete it.
  21. I've done that but still won't show in Handheld section. The games do but not the system.
  22. I have 4 Platform Categories. Arcade / Computers / Consoles / Handhelds. I have assigned each system to a category but when I click on the small + icon to the left of "Handhelds" it does not list the systems. All the games show on the right, but I would like them seperated into ds, gba and psp. The other categories will all show a list of systems included when clicking on the +. What have I missed? Thanks
  23. No matter how long I leave launchbox syncing my collection to the cloud, it never says complete. I come back the next morning and it still seems to be in progress. If I cancel the scan and view the database it looks as if all changes have been made. Is that a common bug or just on my system?
  24. Thanks kmoney. I was thinking filters for Jap / North America / Europe release. The more filters the more people can customise to fit in with their own ideas of a complete set. I'm a patient man.... lol
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