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  1. Some of us just stalk the thread. And please buy this guy a beer. The fact he is keeping this up is amazing.
  2. I am curious though.... When you have the time.... What is steam doing that continually borks this though. Nielk had the same issue if I recall with steam changing how the shortcuts are handled... Just curious out of all the things steam needs to work on.. Why does the code regarding these shortcuts keep changing... More curious than anything.... On a side note... I'm assuming I can block steam from updating... Once this works I'd like to keep it working 😁
  3. Ha, no worries... It's not your full time job 😀. We just enjoy and use the plugin and take advantage of your knowledge! Thanks for checking into it!
  4. I'm also having an issue. The debug just shows and never progresses. The launchbox log shows Any thoughts Lahma? Not using steam beta and Launchbox/Bigbox just hang and then crash after. Thanks!
  5. Here you go...weirdly it looks like it is using the directory from my Hello Neighbor game as my steam directory. My steam works fine...and my son has been playing Hello Neighbor...just weird. Heres the log. debug.log
  6. Hey Lahma, Just checked to make sure it was unblocked and no option to do so. No errors visible unless I'm in big box mode and not launching games at all where I have not changed any of the configurations from when it worked. Only error I get is the one I posted before. Also I am using the latest version.
  7. Thanks bud, was working perfectly for me until I just updated to 8.1....now keep getting error messages and want to go back to 8.0 just because of this app. Thanks again for the work! Heres the message I get
  8. Sounds like we are trying to do the same thing, only I'm throwing in the gamestreaming and you have all the skills 😃. I tried to avoid steam rom manager for that reason as well, but it's the only reliable way to make it happen right now.
  9. Yeah, I've been trying to have launchbox as my frontend for about 2 years now. Would like to gamestream to it and then have access to the correct profile. Currently using steam rom manager with gamestreaming but prefer the look and feel of launchbox.
  10. Looking forward to trying it out! Thanks for the work. I've been using Nvidia gamestreaming with a shield tablet and an ipega 9023 to play games remotely. Getting old and tired is sitting at the computer. Full launchbox compatibility with steam overlay support would make it complete!
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