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  1. im using dual 43 inch vizio.. easiest way i did cabinets was just throw them in box front folder for arcade ..big box will retain whatver image group your viewing per platform in launchbox anyway.. box front, box back etc ..
  2. thanks use retrofresh detailed for theme after trying them all by far my favorite
  3. few new additions.. no missing or extra imagery. runnin like a champ
  4. tried not to overload w so many pics but wanted display marquees as well..I seperated my collection into 4 diff installations. consoles,playlists coin-ops and jukebox. allows me to be selective on images and cut out the fat so to speak .My baby is running mint tight and clean . wanna say im done tweakin but thanks to the awesome community here who knows what comes next .loving the bezels thanks for lookin
  5. work in progress arcade ..around 500 cabinets so far as well as an atari, genesis, nes, snes, rooms. Includes a windows/pc room , a music room w jukebox , a sports room and a wrestling room . a movie hallway with all movie themed games and started a driving game room . all cabinets have walkup video previews and all games playable.still long way to go .Much credit to the launchbox database community.
  6. love the intro .. actually would be very interested in "arcade" version..
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