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  1. Hi folks, I'm having an interesting issue with Bogbox.exe where it won't auto-start when I boot up my machine despite me having put the .exe in my startup folder (Windows 10 Pro). Also, BigBox sometimes refuses to shut down, requiring a task manager exit before I can launch the program again. Any ideas why these things are happening? Launchbox runs fine, PS.
  2. I have an IPAC Ultimate in an arcade cabinet, and would like to use the following with Mame and RetroArch - Two 8 way 6 button digital setups (P1, P2) - Up to 2 PS3 controllers (Xinput as X360) - One Thrustmaster wheel (recognized as wheel, but could be mapped to joypad) - One Dolphinbar with 2x wiimotes (used as real wiimote for wii games, and as a mouse for MAME shooters) Any thoughts or best practice keyboard layouts? Walkthroughts that helped you, maybe? Should I say to hell with the whole thing and use a software like XPadder? I'm trying to create a key bind that works for all emulators is proving to be a huge headache. Thanks for your input
  3. Cool kit! Great job on it. How do you find those ebay buttons?
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