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  1. (surprisingly) another update: I'm not dead yet just a bit more busy at work atm... I finally managed to make it run in linux, which was one of my goals in building a multi platform coverflow launcher based on launchbox data. You'd think, "I'll write this in node.js and it'll work on any platform supported by it from alone"... so did i... NOPE... gotta actually tweak things for each platform but i finally got it to run as you can see. Also, Manjaro Linux is kinda awesome.
  2. Woo another update As you can see... still lots of quirks but it's getting there... still gotta implement that pooling... *urgh*
  3. Slow progress in the week as usual, however i added gamepad controls (hardcoded, same as the keyboard input right now) and .ini support for basic config stuff like the LaunchBox path (i hate xml :P) I've also made the Massive window minimize when you launch a game so it doesn't use resources when it doesn't have to... went from 6% usage to 0% This of course depends on the theme.
  4. Well, that was easier than expected: - implemented basic coverflow - added fuzzy search | finds the correct texture from a folder of files - started work on a real theme (i only load 9 game boxes for testing) - logic is now actually in the theme file so it's 100% customizable (rotate left/right, details view etc.) - games can actually be launched now , Massive will resume it's previous state on exit (music stopping / starting in this case) - probably more i forgot... heh... Now i'll start working on the basic theme and cleaning up this (Mass
  5. Aaand finally another (small) update: Last week was kinda slow but i managed to add some UI stuff and finally 3D Boxes. The window now scales everything more or less properly at any resolution and as seen at the end, i've added the first tweened motion to switch between boxes / games Next is the coverflow stuff
  6. I obviously had too much free time at work today and this is the result: - parsed all of launchbox's xml files - added basic theme support... well in this case a theme is just another js file so you can do whatever you want in them - added some helper functions like the fps display, cleaning strings, music helper - fullscreen mode & detection - video snaps with sound It uses kinda a lot of ram cause of the benchmark cube, without it it'll drop to ~200mb'ish... will increase again later tho because we will have to store atleast a decent amount of snaps in ram
  7. I didn't have the time to work on this for a while but i recently started a "new" project. I'll rewrite Massive in JS using Electron and babylonjs because Unity3D was kinda overkill... +Electron Apps run on nearly every platform, be it windows, linux, macosx etc. My tests so far look quite promissing imo, here is one from today: It renders 800.000 individually lit triangles and runs 2 backgrounds threads at the same time (emulating file loading / parsing etc. for example). Steady 60 FPS. It also plays music and a sound on keypress (that's when it changes the bg c
  8. @Rincewind sure. I use half spine covers in those videos, the same once used for wii flow. I couldn't find full spine covers that also include the original side art but i guess this is a good compromise
  9. @ckp there is the integrated lobby of retroarch which i didn't implement in my plugin... i forgot to tell @Jason Carr about it so it's good that you mention it: I'm the german flag It can be reached via the web @ http://newlobby.libretro.com/ or more interesting for @Jason Carr, there is an easy to parse json feed available here: http://newlobby.libretro.com/list/ EDIT: I just tested it via the new option to host in LB and it WORKS! It announces to the masterserver if you hit host So @Jason Carr "just" has to parse the feed and we have an integrated serverbrowser in
  10. lol that was fast. i'll test it when im back from work later today EDIT: meh... just startet lb @ work cause i wanted to test it: Works great actually @Jason Carr
  11. You only need to have the roms scanned in retroarch if you use the integrated serverbrowser of retroarch afaik... so it can join a sesssion properly by checking if you have the correct rom. By starting it via commandline you directly tell it which rom to use... so no need to check it's own database It's just important that both players use the EXACT same core (you have to set this up before!) and the EXACT same rom... if there is a crc missmatch during the handshake retroarch won't sync the games or abort the connection.
  12. @Jason Carr the roms checksum has to be same and it'll work... i've never scanned my roms with retroarch I'll just paste the HORRIBLE class here: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Drawing; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins; using Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.Data; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Diagnostics; using System.IO; using Microsoft.VisualBasic; //need this for the inputbox... obsolete with proper gui //I apologize for this horrible code but maybe you can still use something
  13. A little update: implementing object pooling for the covers helped ALOT... as you can see in this video... i've increased the amount of covers from ~10 to infinite and it runs better than before as you can see by the enabled debug fps counter Now your 20000+ title collection from mame shouldn't bother it anymore
  14. Thanks for the mostly nice feedback guys I've already fixxed the fullscreen video issue and added fuzzy matching for the covers / textures and the reflective floor (optional shader). The position & rotation of the boxes in the current wip massive theme are fully adjustable... you can put them flat on the ground for a more traditional coverflow if you want. Fully rotatable arcades cabinets would be "possible" but i don't know if theres a universal marquee layout for the images. Building 3d models for every arcade would be a) very time consuming and b) VERY hard on the s
  15. I've been kinda silent here cause of work but i had a bit of time again to work on my own frontend for launchbox called Massive (in size and hopefully in features sometime in the distant future ) Without further ado, here is a short pre pre pre alpha video: As you can see it's based on Unity3D and parses the xml's generated by launchbox. Everything (3d models, textures, sounds etc.) is loaded dynamically from easy to edit theme files (currently .ini based) . Currently i haven't adjusted the platform files so most 3d models are rotated wrong. I'll probably
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