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  1. @Rincewind sure. I use half spine covers in those videos, the same once used for wii flow. I couldn't find full spine covers that also include the original side art but i guess this is a good compromise
  2. Ize

    8.0-beta-1 Released

    @ckp there is the integrated lobby of retroarch which i didn't implement in my plugin... i forgot to tell @Jason Carr about it so it's good that you mention it: I'm the german flag It can be reached via the web @ http://newlobby.libretro.com/ or more interesting for @Jason Carr, there is an easy to parse json feed available here: http://newlobby.libretro.com/list/ EDIT: I just tested it via the new option to host in LB and it WORKS! It announces to the masterserver if you hit host So @Jason Carr "just" has to parse the feed and we have an integrated serverbrowser in bigbox
  3. lol that was fast. i'll test it when im back from work later today EDIT: meh... just startet lb @ work cause i wanted to test it: Works great actually @Jason Carr
  4. You only need to have the roms scanned in retroarch if you use the integrated serverbrowser of retroarch afaik... so it can join a sesssion properly by checking if you have the correct rom. By starting it via commandline you directly tell it which rom to use... so no need to check it's own database It's just important that both players use the EXACT same core (you have to set this up before!) and the EXACT same rom... if there is a crc missmatch during the handshake retroarch won't sync the games or abort the connection.
  5. @Jason Carr the roms checksum has to be same and it'll work... i've never scanned my roms with retroarch I'll just paste the HORRIBLE class here: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Drawing; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins; using Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.Data; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Diagnostics; using System.IO; using Microsoft.VisualBasic; //need this for the inputbox... obsolete with proper gui //I apologize for this horrible code but maybe you can still use something from it :P namespace LBP_SimpleRetroarchMultiplayer { public class Class1 : IGameMenuItemPlugin { public string Caption { get { return "RetroArch Multiplayer"; } } public System.Drawing.Image IconImage { get { return null; } } public bool ShowInBigBox { get { return true; } } public bool ShowInLaunchBox { get { return true; } } public bool SupportsMultipleGames { get { return false; } } public bool GetIsValidForGame(IGame selectedGame) { if (PluginHelper.DataManager.GetEmulatorById(selectedGame.EmulatorId).Title == "Retroarch") //emulator is retroarch? ok for netplay! return true; return false; } public bool GetIsValidForGames(IGame[] selectedGames) { return false; } public void OnSelected(IGame[] selectedGames) { return; } public void OnSelected(IGame selectedGame) { var emulator = PluginHelper.DataManager.GetEmulatorById(selectedGame.EmulatorId); var platform = PluginHelper.DataManager.GetPlatformByName(selectedGame.Platform); var emulatorPlatform = emulator.GetAllEmulatorPlatforms().ToList<IEmulatorPlatform>().Find(p => p.Platform == platform.Name); Process myArch = new Process(); myArch.StartInfo.FileName = Path.GetFullPath(emulator.ApplicationPath); //retroarch doesn't like shortened paths so i use the GetFullPath function myArch.StartInfo.Arguments = emulatorPlatform.CommandLine + " " + '"' + Path.GetFullPath(selectedGame.ApplicationPath) + '"'; myArch.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = Path.GetDirectoryName(Path.GetFullPath(emulator.ApplicationPath)); //set working directory to retroarch.exe's dir var addCommand = ""; if (MessageBox.Show("Do you want to host?" + Environment.NewLine + "If you choose no, you will connect as the client.", "Netplay setup", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo) == DialogResult.Yes) { addCommand = addCommand + "-H "; //-H = Host addCommand = addCommand + "--nick " + Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction.InputBox("Please enter your nickname:","Multiplayer setup"); } else { addCommand = addCommand + "-C " + Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction.InputBox("Please enter the Server IP or Hostname:", "Multiplayer setup"); //-C = Connect to server as client addCommand = addCommand + " --nick " + Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction.InputBox("Please enter your nickname", "Multiplayer setup"); } myArch.StartInfo.Arguments = myArch.StartInfo.Arguments + " " + addCommand; //add our new command to the arguments myArch.Start(); //launch } } } Maybe you can still salvage something from it... it doesn't really do anything except start retroarch with parameters I didn't develope this any further cause there wasn't much interest
  6. A little update: implementing object pooling for the covers helped ALOT... as you can see in this video... i've increased the amount of covers from ~10 to infinite and it runs better than before as you can see by the enabled debug fps counter Now your 20000+ title collection from mame shouldn't bother it anymore
  7. Thanks for the mostly nice feedback guys I've already fixxed the fullscreen video issue and added fuzzy matching for the covers / textures and the reflective floor (optional shader). The position & rotation of the boxes in the current wip massive theme are fully adjustable... you can put them flat on the ground for a more traditional coverflow if you want. Fully rotatable arcades cabinets would be "possible" but i don't know if theres a universal marquee layout for the images. Building 3d models for every arcade would be a) very time consuming and b) VERY hard on the system since i couldn't spawn just instances of one object with a different texture... which also means pooling wouldn't work... So instead of ~10 3d models you'd have to keep THOUSANDS of 3d models ready for mame... not a good idea and loading them all on the fly.... eh... rip hdd / ssd
  8. I've been kinda silent here cause of work but i had a bit of time again to work on my own frontend for launchbox called Massive (in size and hopefully in features sometime in the distant future ) Without further ado, here is a short pre pre pre alpha video: As you can see it's based on Unity3D and parses the xml's generated by launchbox. Everything (3d models, textures, sounds etc.) is loaded dynamically from easy to edit theme files (currently .ini based) . Currently i haven't adjusted the platform files so most 3d models are rotated wrong. I'll probably never release it cause bigbox but jason (who's seen a different version a while ago) said himself it wouldn't make bigbox obsolete (and it definately doesn't in it's current state :P) But yeah this is my WIP Wii-Flow like launcher for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, IOS, Raspberry Pi etc. it runs on everything... I'll keep working on it when i'm bored... only god (and maybe Jason ) know when there will be 3d support in bigbox or bigbox for other platforms.
  9. Ize

    VR Plugin/Theme

    BigBox / Launchbox in VR would be awesome and some of us already played around with it. My Test: However, im personally waiting for @Echoshard1's app
  10. While playing around with RetroArch 1.60 at work today, i threw this plugin together to quickly launch netplay sessions. It works great in lan but i haven't tested it via WAN... you'll probably need a good connection for it to work decently over wan for now. I haven't added the framesettings etc. yet, it's as simple as can be. If you want to test it, make sure that the host and client both use the same core in retroarch and EXACTLY the same rom, retroarch will say nope otherwise Here's a short video of me testing it locally with mk2(pool fatality, pit fatality, fatality!) f yeah : If there's any interest i'll update this with more features and saving of the nickname etc. LBP_SimpleRetroarchMultiplayer.dll
  11. Neat. If you use Application.StartupPath from within your plugin, it should return the LaunchBox path.
  12. While building my youtube & progetto scraper, i noticed that there is not a single public resource to view and maybe get video previews of ALL systems. This is the reason why i have started the channel "Archive of Game Emulation" or AGE for short. Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQFnHbktEWR_1gozbUuXr6A/ I'm currently uploading all my amiga videos, which is gonna take a while because i can only upload 50 - 100 videos every day and i have collected LOTS of previews for other systems over the years. If you have any interest, please subscribe, as every subscription helps to make the channel more valid and it will be less likely to be killed by youtube for uploading so many videos I make no money at all from this, monetization is disabled globally for the whole channel. Any feedback would be appreciated. (I still need to upload channel graphics etc. sorry) Thanks.
  13. Google, first search result: https://github.com/hecomi/uDesktopDuplication
  14. I was bored today, so i whipped this up in an hour: Was surprisingly easy with VRTK for unity I already had the code to parse launchbox.xml file and launch games so it wasn't hard to implement. Not pretty but it works