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  1. laprocket

    LaunchBox no Longer Opens

    I went from beta 4 to beta 5. I'm always playing with the system so i don't miss anything. On a good note I'm on beta 5 now and everything is working. After reverting to beta 3, when i opened bigbox it went straight into the installer and made me install the newest version. I'm not sure what the problem was really. I'm on windows 10 with the new creators update. I deleted all the C++ and reinstalled. That said it was still crashing after I did that. It wasn't till I reverted to beta 3 and bigbox installed the newest version. Maybe just a glitch in the initial update that just needed to be reinstalled on my end.
  2. laprocket

    LaunchBox no Longer Opens

    So I went to the update folder, downloaded beta 3 and everything loads up again. Do you think I should just skip the beta 5 build and update the next release? What do you think is causing the crash? Thanks again for your help.
  3. laprocket

    LaunchBox no Longer Opens

    7.11 beta 5 After the last update LaunchBox either crashes when opening or nothing happens. During the last udpate launch box had me install something besides the normal update file. I'm stuck as to what to do. I'm not sure if there is a log somewhere i can post. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. laprocket

    WIP No Art Assets - Commodore 64

    Is there a way to auto fill any missing boxes with the "No Boxart" image. Going through and manually adding the image to each missing image will take hours and hours.
  5. laprocket

    How to download Clear Logos for playlist?

    check this thread scroll down a little bit, most of what you are looking for is most likely here. or you can google search and use the "images" for logo you are looking for. I'm not sure if you can download images for playlist yet. Someone correct me if I'm wrong
  6. laprocket

    7.8-beta-11 Released

    After auto adding playlist, it made my intro video loop so show is a partial second time before going into bigbox. Once I deleted the playlist it went back to normal.