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  1. For each system generation prior to the Dreamcast I have complete sets but once games started coming on CDs and DVDs I would pick the console system with the most games that where non exclusive (which where usually PlayStation) and get complete sets for it and then the exclusives for the other systems in that generation, did this up to the PS3 Generation
    Clean, metalic silver theme looks awesome, goes great with the silver clear logo my new main theme!
  2. Awesome theme love the look! would adding Weather under the time be possible?
  3. And thanks for your work on this I think this is a phenomenal plugin and the advancement in features is awesome!
  4. Hello

    Saw your posts you had a 13 tb collection

    You are not intrested of sharing that on torrent?

    Many buys youtube drives but this should be on torrent or goole drive sites


    1. misterlamide


      Emuparadise has all the Roms in my collection that’s the site I downloaded everything I have don’t see the point in sharing it over torrent when it’s all there 

    2. Zeaede


      Ok, well emuparadise is shut down with sharing links to roms

      To bad no one that has bought youtube drivers put it up on torrents

      So others wouldn't be ripped off, that was my thought

  5. ouch when I got it was 49.99 I think looks like they upped the price
  6. Should be enough in either case the program will tell you how much it needs and you can temporarily move the files to a temporary USB flash or something, dedupe then move the files back and dedupe the remaining files
  7. This forum goes into it it'.s called DiskZip Max http://zipmagic.co/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=201 It basically leverages the data disk deduplication Microsoft uses for Windows Server 2012 R2 and up. The guys in that forum ported over the dll's and libraries into Windows 10/8 (since all Windows versions, server and client share the same core OS) Currently Disk Deduplication saved 4TB versus NTFS file compression of my 15TB array (so my 15TB collection currently takes up 13TB with 2TB remaining. Only Images I'm missing are the Xbox 360/PS3/Nintendo Wii U stuff everything down I have currently Since it works at the disk level as long as the Windows OS has the DiskZip Max driver and application then any application can read your disk so no worries about recompressing etc it runs as a service in the background and dedudupes on an interval in the background while you are reading/writing new files. It works great and because of it I simply uncompressed all my Roms so they are in native format and let the dedupe save me the space
  8. I have a full library of all consoles up to Ps2. I used windows deduplication so that I can store images without compressions but still save on more disk space than compression as it dedupes on the bit level. Let’s me save over 4TB vs undeduped for my current 16TB rom collection
  9. to complete the Arcade playlists can we get a rhythm logo as well thanks!
  10. Great and God Speed on resolving those issues good luck!
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