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Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set


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Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

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Inspired by the work of screenzone.fr, I totally redo a very large set of Platform Clear Logo. New ring. New design.

  • HD logo. (1506 x 756 px)
  • PNG format.
  • No drop shadow.
  • ZIP file: GAMES ARCADE logo (77 PNG)  
  • ZIP file: GAMES COMPUTER logo (70 PNG)
  • ZIP file: GAMES CONSOLE logo (104 PNG)
  • ZIP file: GAMES HANDHELDlogo (28 PNG)
  • ZIP file: GAMES PINBALL logo (5 PNG)
  • ZIP file: CATEGORY logo (7 PNG)
  • ZIP file: THIRD PARTY APP logo (16 PNG)
  • ZIP file: PLAYLIST logo (13 PNG) 
  • ZIP file: BLANK logo : Create your own logo. (2 PSD)
  • Browse the forum thread for alternatives from other users !
  • Browse the forum and ask for update on the good tread !

preview.jpgInstruction :

  • Copy/past *.PNG file in your  ...\ LaunchBox \ Themes \ <Theme name> \ Images \ Platforms \ Clear Logo.
  • Rename the png file exactly as the name of the desired platform as in LaunchBox.
  • Launch "BigBox" and go into "option".
  • Refresh "wheel image cache".




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"LaserDisc"? Juste the media ??  I had focused on hardware, but why not. :D

"PC Games" : for me, it's the "Windows.png". But I can make it with "PC Games".

I have a big week of work that awaits me. Feel free to add to the platform list. I will do everything in 10 days! (more and less)

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OK. The simplest is that you post here the desired logo image (if possible). Because I dont know them all look like. If I take your example of "LaserDisc Classics", I have no idea what to look for ! Even in low quality.

Applies for everyone and any request for new ClearLogo ! ;) Thx 

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