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  1. Nevermind, took about 20 minutes but I got it.
  2. I am setting up a new computer, and cannot get a link sent to my email address. Yes I did check the spam folder, nothing there. Is there significant delay in the email download link process? Cheers!
  3. After studing the file format it became obvious it was just a syntax issue. Had to make sure I had the full path in the m3u files for them to launch correctly. Cheers
  4. Been trying to troubleshoot this for hours... I can get the cue files to load fine in retroarch, but when I try to load any M3U file retroarch will crash instantly.... Anyone have any suggestions to how to resolve this? I am running Retroarch 1.3.6.. I tried the lastest nightly build but was missing the .dll's. I have managed to get afew to launch but I some keep crashing. I have checked the text files in both the M3U and the cue file, and they match up. Also the games will launch using the disc 1 cue file no issues. Anyone know how to fix this or have a good work around? I am trying to setup a box that does not need any keyboard interaction, and am trying to understand possible solutions through retroarch but not sure how any of them actually would work with the setup i am building. Cheers
  5. It happened again. I think it might be the NIVIDA drivers as I have had some issues the past few days. I am going to do a clean driver install tomorrow and keep you posted. BTW Is there any way to get crash logs data for you aside from the error popup?
  6. I updated to beta, tested for about 30 minutes, no crashes as of yet. I will keep you posted if the issue pops back up! Cheers!
  7. I am currently running 7.5 and Windows 10. I am having issues when running Big Box. What is happening one of two things... When going through the videos etc. it will start hanging in windows, IE black screen but the music is still playing. I alt tab out of Big Box but it will continue running in the background. If I alt tab back into it, my desktop remains active but I can hear the music, and I usually lose the mouse focus. I have to hard crash the program at this point. The worse outcome of this is my computer will just straight up freeze, black screen, my TV loses the signal and at this point I have to hard reboot. This usually happens in the first few seconds to afew minutes into the program. I am getting a bug code when I am ending the program in task manager but I am unable to grab it b/c it goes away before I can copy it into the clipboard. Any help would be amazing... Cheers
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