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  1. Ah ok i will give it a go and see how i get on... Thanks
  2. hi Guys - I need to make a 4:3 build of bigbox. Currently using 16:9 on a 27" widescreen and the unify theme. Along with removing all bezels for all systems do we have 4:3 videos etc available? Thanks
  3. Hi guys - when i press ESC to finish Star wars trilogy on the SM3 emulator it comes back to bigbox but i can tell its lost focus as nothing works. Any idea how to get it to return?.. I need to get the keyboard out and ALT+TAB back to bigbox. thanks Dave
  4. Hi. Funny as thats exactly what they asked for so ive had my guard up ready for a fight. However the reply was a helpful command promt to try. Its just doing its thing now!. Fingers crossed
  5. Hi nohero. Its being looked into over on the pcsx forums. But do you mean the latest 1.6 pcsx2 build? Ive done that. And not modified anything. And used the europe bios, Just wont run. Tried DDU drivers, repairing directx redist.... I have a feeling a complete windows 10 reinstall is looming
  6. Hi guys. All of a sudden without any changes to the system what so ever i now get this error when starting up any ps2 game "Thread creation error. An unspecified error occurred while trying to create the EE core thread" Im in a real pickle with this as i need to fix it by monday. Does anyone have any clues?..
  7. Hey Freg - thanks very much for this. When i get a sec i am going to try this out and report back. Great stuff thanks
  8. Hi Frag - Hmm ok. I was even wondering if there was a way, when i get these XML corrupted errors due to power loss and the machine is left with the error in the middle to perhaps have some fancy script run using a clever set of control panel commands that Copies the contents of a Backup to the data folder without having to get keyboard and mouse out everytime.. Dont know if that makes sense Its frustrating that Launchbox/bigbox does its saving on shut down. Couldnt it do any changes on the fly thus massively narrowing the chances of corrupted files on sudden loss
  9. Hi. What would be the repurcussions of doing this?..... The system will not change settings wise so would this cause a problem?..my reason for doing this is in a hope to prevent the corrupting of the xml's when the power suddenly drops. I realise the simple answer is to not suddenly drop the power however lets assume for a sec that it will and does happen every so often to me. Much appreciated
  10. Hi Neil - back to you with how things went, and wondering if you can help. So, we did what you said, safe mode > removed everything using DDU.. rebooted..... installed the uptodate GPU drivers... All seemed fine for an hour, would play etc... Then all of a sudden, screen went black > no signal on monitor... When trying to reboot we see the Gigabyte splash screen then after this is stays dead, the exact same problem as we thought we had just fixed. It seems something has corrupted the graphics driver AGAIN?... Any ideas?.. thanks very much
  11. Hi Retro give me a bit, a little swamped at the mo - will be back to you soon
  12. hi Retro - thanks - before i do i want to be sure i am amending the right XAML file as there are loads. Within big box, options, views it shows this : Platform list view: Platform wheel 1 Games list view : Vertical wheel 3 So the XAML file that i am amending is called PlatformWheel1FiltersView.XAML - its the only one that seems to correlate to "Platforms wheel 1". Furthermore, when i copy your red text (exactly) carefully keeping the </Grid> in there at the end i get a huge error appear. If you can see any cracks in what i have just said then brilliant please let me know what im doing wrong - might give up on the idea of removing the clock
  13. Unified Redux - and TextGamesView.xaml Almost all of the XAML files have that part within them when i search for date/Time etc
  14. hi retro - So it assume it is this section in the XAML file : <!-- DATE, TIME AND WEATHER --> <Viewbox x:Name="DateTimeWeather" Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="1" > <DockPanel Height="45" Width="349" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" > <TextBlock Text="{Binding CurrentTime}" FontFamily="{StaticResource FontBebasNeue}" FontWeight="Bold" VerticalAlignment="Center" DockPanel.Dock="Right" FontSize="35" Foreground="Crimson" /> <TextBlock Text=" " FontFamily="{StaticResource FontBebasNeue}" FontSize="35" VerticalAlignment="Center" DockPanel.Dock="Right" /> <TextBlock Name="tbArrivalDateTime" Text="{Binding Source={x:Static sys:DateTime.Today}, StringFormat='{}{0:MMMM dd, yyyy}'}" FontFamily="{StaticResource FontBebasNeue}" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Right" DockPanel.Dock="Right" FontSize="35" Foreground="Gold" /> <TextBlock Text=" " FontFamily="{StaticResource FontBebasNeue}" FontSize="35" VerticalAlignment="Center" DockPanel.Dock="Right" /> </DockPanel> </Viewbox> </Grid> I have tried a number of things including deleting the entire section, and then just parts.. Results in either bigbox really having a mental breakdown and erroring OR an odd view OR nothing at all changing..
  15. Thanks mate will have a look
  16. hi Retro - so i have had a chance to take a look at your advice and a little stumped. I have been into Launchbox > themes > Unified and the only file that seems relevant in there is Themesettings.XML - i have been into that had a scan through and cannot see (or CTRL+F) anything related to Clock, Time, or Date. Have looked at other possible places too and cannot see any XML which contains them either. Any idea where else i could look? thanks
  17. Hi Retro thank you for this - I will take a look. I assume the Theme XLM files are found in a THeme folder of somekind? ill take a look thanks
  18. hi Guys - probably a simply one, but using unified in bigbox, is there a way to remove the clock? thanks
  19. Thanks Neil. It is a nice IPS monitor, and the audio comes straight out of the motherboard to the amp which drives the sub and 2 sony's. Ah so typical windows and a corrupted driver. It is an APU - a Ryzen 2400G, when teamed with Fast ram it is perfect for everything up to ps2 (if you dont want the uber flashy resolutions). I will try to DDU and then reinstall the APU graphics driver see how it goes. Thanks alot mate
  20. yes i did think this - However it also looks like the power to the monitor drops as you get an "off" black screen (you can tell when a monitor is still on yet its black if you know what i mean). I will try safe mode tomorrow when i next get to the machine... Couple of questions : lets say it goes into Safe mode fine. What then?... Also, why would it suddenly do this after 4 months of being fine every day? thanks Neil
  21. Off the back of my messagethe other day, can anyone give any ideas off the back of this video. It shows the gigabyte logo, then seems like the screen drops but all stays working in the back ground fine as you can hear bigbox intro vid and the main wheels load up and control it fine... Faulty monitor???. If faulty why does it always show the boot up fine yet drop when it seems windows loads.... heelppp.. thank you VID-20210321-WA0014.mp4
  22. Guys not sure if this is the right section but would like anyones thoughts on this please. Does anyone have any idea why a machine in the middle of a game would go to a totally blank screen (perhaps monitor power dropped), sound off, however Marquee and coin button lights (that are powered from USB on the motherboard) are still on. Also, when tapping or holding down the power button (that is wired the power switch on the mobo) does nothing either. Even the hard reset long hold. The only way to turn it off is at the wall - Wait 10 seconds - switch back on and push the power button. After longer than usual we get the bios and it boots up however throws up the typical corrupted XLM error due to sudden power drop(which i can sort out no problem) I am very much remote to this machine, and getting to it to get hands on will take a while. With all that diagnosis does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?... the system is still receiving power.. Perhaps the monitor could be suddenly going into an ECO mode of some kind but surely i would still hear audio and i would also be able to turn off the system with the power switch. Could it be faulty RAM? CPU? Hard drive?? or even PSU? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! thank you David
  23. Yes that god - it seems as though the Retroarch.cfg file just would not save anything when written to by retroarch itself - the only way i could make the file change was by opening it up in notepad myself and changing things. Seems very odd to me. Once i made a brand new RA.CFG file it would happily save from RA itself. Really odd one, but thanks for your help, finally got there!
  24. DONE IT!! - bloody done it.. Pretty much what you were saying got me thinking, and perhaps you did say exactly this... so i loaded a game as normal. Changed User 2 from Ipac to Pad 2. Went into the game to test, yep working, pulled up Retroarch again and saved a NEW configuration. Saved this somewhere and it was called something like Medfan64lib.cfg. This file had what i needed in it. I copy and pasted the contents of this Medfan64 file into a NEW Retroarch.cfg (after what you said about renaming the old one so it wasnt used - and perhaps lost its read onlyness!) and it loads everytime perfect - both my PS1 and N64 both work with analogue pads on either side fine. No missing of L2 and R2 plus the inability to use analogue thumbsticks (Which to be fair wasnt THAT much an issue on ps1 as only a few games needed them on that but hey ho) Thanks for your help, youve saved me right at literally the 11th hour!!!! Pop me over your paypal and send over a beer
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