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  1. Yes that god - it seems as though the Retroarch.cfg file just would not save anything when written to by retroarch itself - the only way i could make the file change was by opening it up in notepad myself and changing things. Seems very odd to me. Once i made a brand new RA.CFG file it would happily save from RA itself. Really odd one, but thanks for your help, finally got there!
  2. DONE IT!! - bloody done it.. Pretty much what you were saying got me thinking, and perhaps you did say exactly this... so i loaded a game as normal. Changed User 2 from Ipac to Pad 2. Went into the game to test, yep working, pulled on Retroarch again and saves a NEW configuration. Saved this somewhere and it was called something like Medfan64lib.cfg. This file had what i needed in it. I copy and pasted the contents of this Medfan64 file into a NEW Retroarch.cfg (after what you said about renaming the old one so it wasnt used - and perhaps lost its read onlyness!) and it loads everytime pe
  3. So this is strange - i have made and am using somehow the fresh new RetroArch.cfg and Player 2 starts a game using pad 2 like it should, and not the ipac!.. however i cannot use this new RA.CFG file as ive just remember it controls everything SNES megadrive NES etc etc... Surely i can make an N64 Core config file, or just make the Main RA.CFG file have player 2 as Pad and thatll work fine... Just dont know why it isnt saving
  4. Ok so - i renamed the Retroarch.cfg file and forced on start up to make a new one.... i changed user to to Xbox controller user 2 - then went to the main RA menu > configuration file > Save current Configuration and received the error : "Failed Saving Config". to add to this, if i make a new config it seems to save a copy as CoreName.Cfg in the Configs folder. This is where it is strange, when i load this config i can quit, restart and player 2 works fine, both pads are fine, it all works perfect!.. Apart from all at default settings so all the borders, screen size is wrong but it
  5. sure will do - just finished the kids, having a bite to eat, will pop on it shortly. I get the feeling, and worry that this read only windows problem may be a red herring because as you said, theres no way a read only system wouldve let me change a file. I wonder if this Windows 10 problem may make files LOOK as though they are read only yet perhaps they arent. What i did last year was make my default.cfg file within mame read only as windows was changing the id of my xbox pads. I dont think i read-only'd my retroarch config folder.... i may have done but dont think i did.
  6. yeah just notepad, edited, saved so i could chnge the view of retro arch.. odd
  7. ah really - ok thanks.. thinking out aloud here.. if all my files were read only, how was i able to change my retroarch.cfg file to get me out of the XMB view of RA....??
  8. thanks Iain - there seems to be a bit of a but some Win10 users have experienced and it does just this - currently i have followed this : https://www.switchfast.com/blog/solved-windows-10-upgrade-changed-all-documents-to-read-only and set it in motion just prior to your message. Once this has run through, and i have sorted the kids out i will jump back on this later and report back.
  9. unchecked read only - it did its thing.. Tried and it wouldnt work. I checked to see if the config folder was now not read only and it still was read only. In fact my entire system is read only, every single folder on the c : drive?!... Looks like i have a bigger windows 10 problem here. Damn it
  10. I will do that in a sec, just having a bite to eat. I think last year i thought i was being clever making it read only so no one, even if they accidently got into the RA menu they couldnt mess it up. Funny if thats what happened and its caused all this! So, to make things clear, when i change something in retro arch i always "save config" - thats the way to apply and save settings before exiting? (When save on exit if set to OFF)
  11. Guys - I have just noticed my Config folder is read only...... This the cause?
  12. Just checked and it was OFF.. funnily i tried to change it to ON but i dont know how to apply that setting. Whenever i went back in it stayed OFF. Found it in the RA.CFG forced it to ON, tried to change from IPAC > XBOX user 2... Restarted and it was back to Ipac again for Player 2. Looking through this vast RA.cfg file surely its in there somewhere as that is the only place i can get things to stick
  13. So - it didnt give me a pop up when saving. Found notifications and switched them to ON, but how do i apply that setting? i quit, and went back in but notifications were again set to off. I am assuming it saves config to my Retroarch.cfg Iain
  14. Its fine - i searched XMB in the RA.cfg file, changed it to OZONE and am in.. will see what it saves as Iain - 1 sec
  15. I change it to ozone, come out, go back in and it xmb view appears again. Just like how Ipac stays as default upon restart. How do i view the Ozone view? Its as if a configuration file is read only or something
  16. How do i view it the way you do? Mine looks like a Playstation 3/4 home screen with a wavey ribbon... i say that because when i "save current config" nothing pops up to say i have.. I always make myself hit the buttons hard so i know ive defo hit it
  17. Nope - Sorry. Resets back. If i just "resume game" the 2nd pad works perfect, but once i quit a game and reload it all goes back to this annoying default
  18. Ok buddy will try that now (I have a feeling i have tried this but will wheel over to the build now and report back)
  19. Hi All - I am a little up against it to fix this problem so wondering if anyone would be so kind to have a look. On N64, with 2 xbox pads plugged in, Player 1 pad works fine... Player 2 for some reason is controlled by my arcade control panels player 2 side. I start a game, open up retro arch, go into the main settings > Input > and down to User 2 Binds. Within here the problem is as shown in my attached pics, set to Ipac. I change this to say "Xbox ONE controller (User 2)" then resume the game and pad 2 works perfect. Problem is when i quit and go back in, its back to the
  20. AHHH so it is in the Default.cfg file!.. Brilliant i will get this done, thats wonderful you have been a real help. It reminds me however, on a similar vein.. .Can i ask your thoughts on this I have always read-only'd the Default.cfg. Mainly because since using pad 1 and pad 2 as player 3 and 4 on Mame games mame / windows would scramble the IDs all the time.. This seemed to work for a while. but the other day, it all messed up even though it was Read only. I am confident i never randomly gave it write privilages. I did notice that it was after a Windows update. So perhaps windows it
  21. Thank you Joe that was very helpful. I am suprised this hasnt come up more often with the Aimtrack guns, and sure it will more so with the advent of Sinden. Perhaps people are ok with the mame crosshairs overlaid... OR.. they just do it game by game and dont moan like a little girl about it
  22. hi Dos - i thought it was also but no unfortunately. Sounds interesting about the lightgun.ini.. how would i point only the lightgun games to use this ini?... If it is an .ini then surely couldnt i just change the setting in the Mame.ini, OR is that not possible?
  23. hi guys - i have 2 machines.. 1 with Sindens, the other just sticks... Same build on both however i want to hide the cross hair on the sinden cabinet (i keep it showing for obvious reasons on the stick cabinet so at least they are playable-ish using joysticks and moving the cross hair around). I dont want to go through every single mame gun game and turn off the cross hair so was wondering if the setting resides somewhere in the mame.ini or a CFG file?. I had a look and couldnt see it. thanks Dave
  24. thanks Neil - So i changed the settings file and then it gave a similar error but for the ListCache XML... I decided to just move all 5 or 6 of the XMLs in the ZIP over to DATA and it seemed to do the trick fine!
  25. OK i can see the abrupt shut down perhaps may have happened and know who it was too!!!!! thanks will try the recent ones see how we get on. Can i ask, what is it that is in the Settings.xml file? will i need to redo many changes recently made if i use an older one?. Also, what happens if this does work? Any fall back?
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