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  1. I made a video. Since a few days I'm having the following issue which could be retroarch related but I'm not sure. So far it only happens with mame. I click play to play a game, in this case Aero Fighters 2 for the neogeo. Then watch what happens, in the taskbar a retroarch window seems to want to open, as it should, but then plops away and is immediately replaced by another retroarch window, which then becomes yellow as if to say 'there is a window open' but refusing to open or maximize. So I click on it and we see the screen is frozen and in top right corner is indeed the pauze sign. A
  2. Thanks I will give that a try. I was under the assumption the whole reason you made that video explaining the UUID and such was precisely for the reason that disk swapping could be avoided when running FS-UAE via Launchbox. Because as you said in an earlier post to someone else, to make sure Launchbox starts directly with a default configuration that you created, you could find that bit in the video itself. The whole reason for me to create default configurations is so that I can create one configuration with all ADF files already set up per game. But as I understand it now, thanks to WHDl
  3. I'm vaguely familiar with the term WHD load roms, but not knowledgeable enough to know the ins and outs. I will try again using the above info and see if I can get it to work. Thanks
  4. Hello again, with renewed vigor I looked at your video again using the link a few posts above. I felt that everything went well, but when I clicked the game Super Stardust in Launchbox this error message pops up. I created a specific folder for the UUID games, like in your video. Here in is a folder called 'Super Stardust [ADF, AGA, cr PSG]' and in there is a file called 'b8b1232f-d6bb-5935-a827-8d63bd97d6ba' which is 0 kb. Is that what I need to import into Launchbox as a so-called rom? because I did that and the Super Stardust image is added to Launchbox but clicking it g
  5. Hello Zombeaver, for some reason I'm still struggling to grasp this. So I wanna play Super Stardust via Launchbox and FS-UAE as the emulator. The game has 6 disks. When I boot up the game via FS-UAE directly and add all the disks, like in your video, the game works. And I can swap disks. But when I try to open the game directly in launchbox, I can get to the first screen where the hacker info is shown, but when I click the mouse to skip that, it sort of crashes, with these flickering rainbow-like lines that are permanent. As if Launchbox is not grabbing the correct version of the game off
  6. My first post here. Is this thread still active? I guess so. Anyway, just recently started to fiddle around with bigbox premium. I think it looks nice and works really well. Congrats on this awesome startup theme. I tried it out but all throughout it there is no sound at all, and just at the very end does sound eventually kick in, but by then it is kind of too late. I also experienced it with another theme, except in that one there sound for about 70% for the whole intro. I do have a pretty poor PC, Vaio notebook from 2009 so that could be the reason although some startup themes, as I
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