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  1. I got an update on my previous post. My A600 kickstart, even though I had several A600 roms in my kickstart folder, did not become a green check mark when I scanned my file directories. In essence, I guess I did not have the right version. So I went online looking for other versions, found a bunch of A600 ones, rescanned and bam! The checkmark was there. Now, upon clicking Superfrog in LB the game does launch as I expect it to. Which is awesome. Here's where I'm still a bit confused. For WHDload games, the A1200 is the best one I understood. Does this mean that Superfrog is a rare example where the A600 ks rom is quite sufficient also? So what about other WHDLOAD games I want to play? My feeling right now is that I still am not asking FS UAE to boot up with the A1200 KS rom as standard. Clearly for Superfrog it was looking for the A600 since that is what FS-UAE and it only worked in LB when I finally found the right A600 KS rom and rescanned the directories. EDIT: think i get the hang of it. Imported a few more WHDLOADs and noticed with some of them in the games category the model shown is not the A600 but already the A1200. So I suppose it depends on the WHDload itself which KS rom is shown and whatever is shown will work. Beats me why a super simple 1989 game like Switchblade would show the A1200 KS rom as a default. I can understand Tean 17's Assassin, but the other one is beyond me. I guess that is how the WHDLOAD has been compiled.
  2. Hello Zombeaver, Hope I can bother you for some additional advice after we spoke here back in May 2022. I let Amiga emulation rest for a while, but have now been back at it and I come back to your video each time. As per your earlier suggestion, I'm not bothering with ADF's anymore, decided to go full WHDload. Imported Superfrog WHDLOAD into FS UAE (scanned directory, and the game pops up as it should), started it up on the A1200 model in FS UAE directly and it works. Fast as hell, no disk swapping. Bliss. Then I went ahead and as per your instructions created the 2 separate emulators in Launchbox, used eirulan's exporter, basically followed the vid from start to finish. I import the game in Launchbox. Well, it's in fact this file '14f12873-1ff6-529c-bd92-13639df2b033' which is in a temp folder just as in your the vid. And the import process seems to go well (I used the UUID emulator in this case, not standard FS-UAE which I also created), I see my Superfrog box art. All seems well. But when I click the game in LB, the game doesn't load like it does when I tried the game in FS-UAE directly with the A1200 model. I think I know why. Because somehow FS-UAE is using the A600 model but not the A1200 model to launch. I know this because the screens I see are exactly the ones I see when I launch Superfrog directly in FS UAE with the A600 model. For some reason I'm not sure how to make sure FS-UAE is using as standard the A1200 model. Because as your vid states this is the best bet model to use for lots of games. I can create a new configuration in FS-UAE called 'Superfrog' for example and make sure it uses the A1200 model, but in the drop down menu in top left corner you can also select 'games' and there Superfrog is always shown with the A600 model. Which I presume is what's being used in LB. If some screens would help please let me know and I'll supply them. Thanks man!
  3. Hey man thanks. But of course I fixed it now and it was something really stupid. Under emulators, Mame was not set as the default emulator for Arcade platform.
  4. Hi folks. Twice this has happened to me now. Leaderboards in Launchbox (and obviously thus also Big Box) no longer appearing even though they 100% worked yesterday and before. I've got a premium account, under cloud I can see I'm connected to the database, and both check boxes are ticked under tools options integrations Mame. Needless to say, I'm using Standalone Mame, version 0.230 64 bit, but I also have a MAME core installed under Retroarch. Or 'had' since I removed it but that didn't solve the issue either. Funny thing is that in Big box when I select a game and I enter in the menu where I can select 'play' for instance I still also see 'select Retroarch' as an option even though I removed the mame core. Maybe a conflict of sorts? Still, why would leaderboards work for an extended period of time and then suddenly cease to? Furthermore, selecting 'MAME High scores supported' in the drop down menu and selecting 'yes' in Launchbox results in a 'no results were found' message. even though I've got lots of games that support high scores. And like I said, it worked yesterday and the days before. I did install a new version of Launchbox yesterday (11.17), but I doubt that's got anything to do with it. I also disconnected from the database and re-connected, but it's of no use. At this point it looks like I'll have to import all 420 arcade games again. Still, this is hardly solving the issue at the root. Any idea what this could be? Thanks!
  5. Super. Don't have marquee screen yet but it's happening soon enough and in that case I will be prepared.
  6. Thanks for this. Are these automatically part of the database or must I download the file and then manually place each marquee in the appropriate folder?
  7. I made a video. Since a few days I'm having the following issue which could be retroarch related but I'm not sure. So far it only happens with mame. I click play to play a game, in this case Aero Fighters 2 for the neogeo. Then watch what happens, in the taskbar a retroarch window seems to want to open, as it should, but then plops away and is immediately replaced by another retroarch window, which then becomes yellow as if to say 'there is a window open' but refusing to open or maximize. So I click on it and we see the screen is frozen and in top right corner is indeed the pauze sign. All this I did not experience say 5 days ago, no idea what I changed. To 'solve' this I hit F1 to bring up the menu, pauze sign is still there and hit F1 again to exit menu. And the game starts. Then it gets weirder still. When I hit F1 again, it sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't. It's flickering like there is something overruling it. Like the current screen is not the primary one, but after a few tries I can bring up the menu. So in short, I can game, but it's rather annoying and of course the issues extend to bigbox as well with games refusing to simply load as soon as I click play So in big box I select the game, click play, it seems to load, then a black screen with the words 'game over' and back to the game screen in big box where I can select play once more. To no avail naturally. And sometimes it doesn't even happen with some other mame games, although it still happens frequently enough. For example, while typing this I tried Alien 3: The Gun and it boots up immediately although I still get the trial and error while hitting F1 key to bring up the menu so perhaps these are 2 separate issues after all? Tried T2: The arcade game and sure enough, the same 2 issues as in the video. Also tried SNES, NES and Genesis cores and none of the above issues are there. They work exactly as before, hitting F1 is not trial and error and works 100%. So it must be core related, in this case MAME I suppose, but I have no idea where to look although I tried a few things without succes. One more hint perhaps. Hitting P no longer pauzes the game which it definitely did a few days ago. It now brings up a menu with a few options such as resume game, view high scores, reset game, exit game, load and save state. So this is new to me as well. Although hitting P during a snes game brings up the same menu by the way, but I definitely recall that in mame hitting P meant pauzing the game. It no longer does that. Please ask if you require additional info.
  8. Thanks I will give that a try. I was under the assumption the whole reason you made that video explaining the UUID and such was precisely for the reason that disk swapping could be avoided when running FS-UAE via Launchbox. Because as you said in an earlier post to someone else, to make sure Launchbox starts directly with a default configuration that you created, you could find that bit in the video itself. The whole reason for me to create default configurations is so that I can create one configuration with all ADF files already set up per game. But as I understand it now, thanks to WHDload this wouldn't even be an issue any longer. So now I'm a bit puzzled as to what the added value is of creating an additional emulator in Launchbox called UUID.
  9. I'm vaguely familiar with the term WHD load roms, but not knowledgeable enough to know the ins and outs. I will try again using the above info and see if I can get it to work. Thanks
  10. Hello again, with renewed vigor I looked at your video again using the link a few posts above. I felt that everything went well, but when I clicked the game Super Stardust in Launchbox this error message pops up. I created a specific folder for the UUID games, like in your video. Here in is a folder called 'Super Stardust [ADF, AGA, cr PSG]' and in there is a file called 'b8b1232f-d6bb-5935-a827-8d63bd97d6ba' which is 0 kb. Is that what I need to import into Launchbox as a so-called rom? because I did that and the Super Stardust image is added to Launchbox but clicking it gives me this error. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hello Zombeaver, for some reason I'm still struggling to grasp this. So I wanna play Super Stardust via Launchbox and FS-UAE as the emulator. The game has 6 disks. When I boot up the game via FS-UAE directly and add all the disks, like in your video, the game works. And I can swap disks. But when I try to open the game directly in launchbox, I can get to the first screen where the hacker info is shown, but when I click the mouse to skip that, it sort of crashes, with these flickering rainbow-like lines that are permanent. As if Launchbox is not grabbing the correct version of the game off of FS-UAE. I tried to create a separate configuration and that works via FS-UAE directly, but how do I tell Launchbox to grab that exact configuration? Is that where WHQ load comes in? Woud be great if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks. I did watch the video, but it's not clicking in ,y head.
  12. My first post here. Is this thread still active? I guess so. Anyway, just recently started to fiddle around with bigbox premium. I think it looks nice and works really well. Congrats on this awesome startup theme. I tried it out but all throughout it there is no sound at all, and just at the very end does sound eventually kick in, but by then it is kind of too late. I also experienced it with another theme, except in that one there sound for about 70% for the whole intro. I do have a pretty poor PC, Vaio notebook from 2009 so that could be the reason although some startup themes, as I said, seem to have more sound. In any case, there seems to be an audio delay of sorts which varies from theme to theme. I'm pretty much using latest versions of launchbox and bigbox as I just recently started fiddling with these programs. Thanks for the advice!
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