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  1. Ha yeh true. Well from turn on to being able to select a game its about 60 seconds. So not exactly fast, but its kinda ok.. main thing is power switch putting it into hibernation. That works amazing
  2. Yes i thought so too. So, mine is pretty much working perfect now leaving explorer, hidden start bar and recycle bin, black desktop, all hidden... If i shelled it would there be an advantage? The only thing i can see is quicker loading?.. if thats not significant then ill just leave it the way it is.
  3. Not had a chance to check but looking at it on google, if i check the "start at windows start up" does this mean its started BEFORE explorer starts?
  4. Lovely. Thanks mate will see how it goes
  5. could i take a look at your 3rd party volume tool please?. Are you saying it can work even if Explorer hasnt loaded? i.e: if i shell it
  6. thanks Kondorito and Cointos, they sound like they would work nicely. however in the last hour i have i stumbled accross this : I did everything apart from the shell at the end due to the volume problem. However, something odd, if i dragged the Taskbar to the right of the screen it would never flash up for 5 seconds, it would stay hidden!.. Perfect.. I just put bigbox in my start up and its all good. The only sign of windows is when it briefly auto logs in but i have my logo as my avatar so its looking ok. Another thing which seems really handy is changi
  7. only problem is how to make the Taskbar autohide when it starts. it starts visible then autohides after about 5 seconds.. Looks shoddy, any idea?
  8. Hmm - ok, i was thinking thats probably my only way. If i do this, and because it is in an arcade cab I want no sign of windows at all.. So i guess i can easily hide taskbar, black the screen, hide the bin etc... Cheers mate
  9. hi Guys - I have Shelled win10 so it goes straight into Bigbox... I am using an iPac and shifted JoyUP and JoyDOWN to volume controls... Joy Left is Back and Joy Right is Pause.... both Joy Left and Right work, however Up and Down (Volume up and Down) doesnt... If i taskmanager > Explorer so my start bar etc all loads up then works... I assume something related to controling volume is stopped when i shelled to go straight to Bigbox.. How do i get bigbox AND whatever this volume program is to start? thank you
  10. Ahhh ok mate thanks. Youre probably right. Only keen on pal and usa if not a duplicate perhaps
  11. Hey proghodet. So. On this channel there is a video saying 4200 ps2 games... This seems waaayyyyy too many. A quick search brings back about 1200-1500 is the more accurate figure?
  12. Ah ok. This seems spot on. I will take a look. Thank you for this. All the sources i have seen so far seems very all over the place... Im trying to see how close i can get to these silly systems offering 40/50/60/100k games.... Or how to argue against them
  13. Put my speed rebuttal to one side actually.. my main point is you pick 10 snes users back in the day and 90% used pal games. (Edit: id say back at school 1 guy had one, so ill change this to 95%) Anyway, this is distracting sorry.. if anyone has any idea or comments on the list that would be appreciated. Some people must have thoughts on 1 or 2 of them
  14. Absolutely... But surely for that reason alone it can put timings out if youve been used to PAL sft against ntsc sft. Most will be used to PAL systems too, only a very small percentage of die hards had converters with 2 cartridges instered. So, for the UK crowd PAL is perfect
  15. Hi guys Can anyone advise if this seems kinda close/correct/way off please?. I am based in the uk so idea want PAL / euro however for region free such as master system then anything goes. Snes 544 PAL Megadrive 900 Arcade 2684 Nes 351 PAL Gameboy 953 PAL Gameboy colour 660 Gameboy advance 921 Gamecube 453 Nin DS 2139 PAL N64 248 Master system 360 (region free) Game gear 300 Neo geo aes 148 Neo geo cd 97 Atari 2600 ??? 32x ??? Saturn ??? Ps1 ??? Ps2 ??? 3do ??? Any thoughts on the above much appreciated thank you
  16. Guys, i thought the number of arcade games were between 2500-3500 max. Could someone confirm please. I know mame is under 3000. Take out all crap and mahjong etc. Megadrive 900, PAL snes 550 etc. Youd struggle to pass the 20,000 games mark at this rate
  17. Ah ok. Well it would save 1 button, the need to cut a hole in the control panel and poly plus wiring. However a dedicated back/exit button is better i think. So i use an ipac which is a keyboard translator device. Whats the difference between an ipac and joy2key? Not familer with it
  18. Is that so? Hmm.. never used j2k before. Is it simple and for just one key?
  19. This was of course a REALLY funny joke by the way
  20. No probs. Could you quickly log into the main frame today and add it please?
  21. Really? Ill try this when ive put the kids down later... So the option must totally dissapear when locked down then
  22. Is it possible in big box to say Tap the 1p button to "enter / start game" etc. But instead of having a dedicated "exit/back" button hold down the 1p button for a second or so and it sends the "exit/back" command? . Would really help clean up arcade cabs losing a button
  23. Ive read this, it doesnt explain where or how to tell each of the content directories (megadrive,gamegear,master system) to simply look at either of the 3 systems bezels folder and match the bezel to the rom name when loading. All i can do is load a game>go into overlays and pick ONE SPECIFIC GAME Its crazy, when you save that as a content directory it of course uses that one game bezel for ALL bezels! Which is ridiculous, I find it amazing only you have even tried to help spread over this and another thread. No one obviously knows. Simply, when megadrive loads a game i want the system
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