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  1. ok i will take a look when i can... remind me what i am looking for once within Tools / Options? - surely its not called "new start up features" as they are now Old start up features if this was back in 2018.. Haahahahaha so funny
  2. Thanks Neil - how come in happens to me then? something obviously isnt enabled - how do i enable the "New start up features" you speak of?
  3. Bump - Does anyone have any ideas on this? it must be happening to quite a few people unless every has a "ONLY PRESS START ONCE" sticker on their cabs.... I get the feeling, thinking it through, that it would be very hard to implement as if you locked out after only 1x start button push what if there was an error, youd be stuck... or to be honest, the odds of that happening over many instances loading is FARR less and i would rather deal with the occasional sticking of bigbox. I can guarentee if a child played bigbox it would be broken within a few games due to their impatience and pressing "S
  4. Perhaps an Autohotkey to Alt+Tab and bring that window forward, i dunno.....
  5. Hi guys - So Injustice 2 (windows/steam) when selected from bigbox loads behind bigbox.. So i can hear it and have to Alt+Tab into it.. Every other windows game etc is totally fine. Just this one, any idea? thanks
  6. Hi guys Ive noticed a few times when idiots are using my cabinet in bigbox mode - whether it be young kids, impatient adults etc that they are able to do things which i NEVER seem to do. resulting in the need to reset the machine time and time again. I believe the main culprit for this is when you select a game using my 1p Start button if you press it impatiently a few times in a row it just doesnt like it. So it will do 1 of a few things - Either load the game fine, or load the game fine but also another instance in the background causing all kinds of echoy sounds of course.. Or.. load t
  7. yep - thats it! thanks again Retro, you deserve a payrise
  8. hi guys - So i was trying to add Stepmania and now i have 2x sets of "All" in Launchbox. When i right click i cannot delete one of them as 2 of the 3 options are shadowed out, i can only "Add". Please see pic Any idea how to remove one of them - they both contain my entire games lists - 14,000 each thanks Dave
  9. Youve only gone and done it mate!... it wasnt in LB/Images, it was in the Themes folder (themes/unified/images/Theme/Background).. Legend thanks
  10. Hmm I dont know, I havent used a different theme - i do know that i did add this Pad Png to many different systems so it isnt just calling the same image. So N64, PSP etc all must have this file within their folders, i guess..
  11. Ah bollocks - yeah i remember doing it, it was was a simple carbon grey type hexagon tile pattern... Can i narrow it down to the Images folder at least? Surely its in there somewhere (regardless of how massive that damn folder is of course!)
  12. hi guys - So for all my systems which need a pad and its analogue sticks a while back i added a simple Control pad png file in the top left of the system screen to tell anyone playing, "Please pick up the controllers off the bracket" etc... I feel a right idiot as ive totally forgotten the location of the file and i want to make amendments!! here is the screen i mean, showing PS2 as an example - you will see the white pad overlayed in the top left.. thanks guys
  13. Thanks Neil - So, i am crammed up to the rafters space wise and i believe i have around 50GB left on my Hard drive. What happens eventually if this Cache file fills all of that also. Will it still function fine just no longer store any more cached images?
  14. Guys i have 64GB within the above folder. I assume if i delete this it will have a performance impact right due to being Cache?... For my system its quite a sizable chuck of space its using up, but i understand if its best off left. Thought if enquire to be sure. Cheers
  15. Hi Guys - havent had a chance to work on this, my 2 kids sucked up all my time over the weekend. However i did get a chance to do some more research and have you heard of a (what seems like) really good program called Keyboard2xinput - it effectively turns keystrokes into joypad presses... From peoples reviews online seems to work very well, and to be honest, perhaps may work better than a separate AHK script for each game. Could use this once and thats it as all games use pads. Thoughts anyone?
  16. hi JV - thats excellent. So it will more than likely be a separate script for every game as they are all slightly different key-wise. but that makes sense, will give it a go and report back
  17. thank you - So yes, its an EXE it will be running. So i write the AHK i need per game, then compile / Save it as a Batch file and add it to additional apps? Will it close upon ending the windows .Exe game? After searching yesterday im sure it was you who wrote another Bat file to run when closing to terminate the AHK script : "taskkill.exe /F /IM Game_Exit.exe" obviously replacing Game_Exit with whatever .exe/batch file ive made
  18. Thanks guys - appreciate your help Mind i say however - Headrush and Joe are you saying kinda opposite things? one saying "LB will end when program is done." and HR saying its best to create a script that kills it? Perhaps i have read wrong?
  19. just had a brief search on AHK stuff.. So seems easy to make a script that remaps one key to another, for instance : a::p s::o q::l w::k so is it simply ONLY that above that i put in a script file? how do i get it so the script closes once i end the windows game? otherwise wouldnt that script remain active all the time!! argh... THanks all
  20. Great thank you - Just looked into x360ce and seems to not work with Keyboards, the devs seem to get quite angry when people ask oddly too on their forums. UCR could be good! To be honest, i know sod all about AHK scripts and stuff but i think that may work for some games. Some games the keys are oddly undefinable, so i can surely make W=H and so on... i believe....!!!!
  21. hi Guys - So adding a number of my Windows games. Made the Windows playlist, added a few games. I have a cabinet, with ipac running the normal 2 stick, 12 button combo... Is it possible to have my buttons convert to Joypad (Xbox) presses?... For instance my 6 buttons on the player 1 side is mapped on the ipac to QWEASD. So i assume, once say i presss "Medium punch" which would be "W", the PC / Something converts this to say "X" on an xbox pad? Ive seen JoytoKey, but sounds like i need the opposite of this hope i am making sense there thanks
  22. Sorry Jase - the Mrs just gave birth been a bit preoccupied.. Will work on this as soon as i get a sec and report back thanks alot!
  23. Neil - you are a top man, worked a treat, nice one! Someone get this man a beer
  24. Apologies for the camera to screen picture but i think you are on to something here. the only system with a problem has 3 entries... The normal NES, then NES.Backup, then NES.Missing.Serial Should i delete Backup and MSerial?
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