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  1. Ah ok, hmm thats a shame, seems like some work. Its just nice when someone who doesnt really know wants to play an n64 game etc it just reminds them to pick up the pad etc Hmm so i dont need different controls really, just wondering if a pad AND an ipac can be used at the same time, either / or. So lets say i start up Streets of Rage on Megadrive. I use the joystick on the arcade control panel to move axel around the screen, then i decide that i want to grab the pad, would i still be able to control axel with the D-Pad/analgue stick of the pad? Or will i have to come out, go into into ret
  2. Hi Guys - 2 things - i am building a machine whereby for platforms that require thumb sticks i will use a 360 pad thats hanging off the machine instead of the arcade control panel. Is it possible, when selecting say PS2 for a flash screen to appear using an image i make to say "please pick up the controller" or something along those lines?.... Secondly, is it possible in retroarch for both my ipac (arcade control panel) AND a plugged in xbox pad to both control the games?... Obviously arcades should be played using the control panel but if i loaded megadrive and just happen to want to us
  3. OK great thanks Wally / Harry.
  4. Ok thanks Harry. Do TAP files literally take the same time to load though as the olden days?. i can see that becoming frustrating after the novelty has worn off. Also, i have a huge batch of ROMs, all in these different folder formats. there are so many roms i am trying to cut them down. I have deleted all (B), and (A1/2/3/4..) but there are still about 6000. there seem to be many duplicates still but is there an automated solution anywhere other than grinding through it?
  5. hi Guys - Working with adding the ZX Spectrum to launchbox however am wondering what are peoples preffered ROM type? - TAP seems nice as it is exactly like the original tapes including loading screens however they do have their downsides. Z80 seems more robust and a clean snapshot however you lose the loading screen. TZX seems interesting however, and seems a mix of the two. What are your experiences and is there a clear winner? Many thanks
  6. OK thanks for your guidance guys.. Have sorted it.. I renamed the megadrive logo "Sega Megadrive.png" but at first, despite refreshing image cache in bigbox it still showed as Genesis?!?!.. (please see picture clearly showing the files). it kept wanting to choose a genesis theme. So I deleted everything but the "Sega Megadrive.png" and it finally showed up in the wheel correctly.
  7. Ok just checked. so under the clear logo folder, my logic is that it was reading the "Sega genesis.png" file and putting that as the wheel image. So i assumed if i inserted a megadrive logo and named it as "sega genesis.png" it should in theory show the megadrive logo. Ill rename it now see what happens.
  8. Scooter: thank you, im quite confident ive tried that (including refreshing bigbox). But theres obviously something im missing so thanks for confirming the right area. Neil: thanks. I think this could be the problem. Its tricky because ive found that once i change the platform name from genesis to megadrive in launchbox it made a brand new folder structure for it and needed a bit of tinkering with (which i feel is almost done). I found the "genesis" logo and replaced it with a megadrive logo picture but kept it called "sega genesis.png" thinking it would show the megadrive icon even thou
  9. Hi guys - so, I thought I wouldn't need to ask this but I have tried a load of folders locations and it still isn't changing. Basically I am changing everything "Genesis" related to show as "Megadrive". All box art is now the PAL version, platform video is Megadrive, just I cannot change the wheel logo from Genesis to Megadrive!!.. Please see attached pic, circled is the culprit I need changing to "Megadrive". I have the file just don't know the location where its reading this from!!.. I was convinced the last few locations I tried that it would be right, but it wasn't.....
  10. hi guys - any further help on this?
  11. I did pull this up before but to be honest didnt understand it. Had another read and theres a few red herrings to update. The answer seems to be a lack of a chd file. In my games/sega naomi/ folder i dont have chds but rather .bins. Are they saying delete these and paste in the ikaruga.chd files instead??
  12. hi retro. i dont think i am usinh Demul. i am within retroarch within naomi. ive checked under retroarch and there are no rotate options just in case thats what you meant Help!!
  13. Hi guys. Just bought big box. Its great. However when trying to play naomi i have a few probs. One is a caution 51 error and the game wont load. I can see a tutorial on how to solve, im meant to goto the service menu. I can get into the service/test menu but i just cannot navigate to anywhere within it!!! Secondly, Ikaruga was trying to play horizonally. Managed to find how to switch it to vertical which worked however its upside down. So instead of shooting up the screen im shooting down. How can i flip it??? Sorry and thank you!!
  14. Yeah i see what you mean. I went through SNES, Megadrive and NES last night plucking out all the missing arts so they are done.. Next is the mammouth Mame... Had a flick through and there are quite a few missing so perhaps might do a few letters of the alphabet each night... most seem to be unknowns really which is cool. Any that are missing can be resolved using the method you gave me above EDIT > change the name slightly and redo the search and it normally appears. Cheers again
  15. Thanks FLD - but what if i want to keep that Game available to see and play?. I realise it doesnt delete from my database but if its not available to be seen and selected then it may as well be... Have i made sense there?. Ta
  16. Thanks very much for this - your advice really helped me. Seriously cut down on the amount of missing art.. There still is a number, even in SNES and Genesis but no where near as much as before...
  17. Hi guys - new to this. Just finished making my first standup machine for my son and using hyperspin.. however im quite keen on Launch box and upon giving it a go everything went fine however ive imported a few systems and noticed quite a few missing art works when looking at the list of games in any given system... So for instance i can see (and play when clicked) Altered beast however it doesnt show a picture of the box/cart/whetever like most of the others do... i imported all metadata/art for each system using your wizard and as i said, most of the games are there however arou
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