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  1. I'm... Not sure I understand? I offered to expand my website to be used in a feature for his plugin... I'm not asking for anything, only offering.
  2. I run the site with my good friend Pete. I may be able to wrangle something together for it if you'd like to use it If you could let me know what specifications you need we can put it together for you.
  3. It would be cool if we could somehow make this work with the site we built as a side to DidYouKnowGaming, VGFacts, and have it pull a piece of trivia for each game, console, etc. Though we have no API for you to grab from, so could prove to be a problem.
  4. I'd love this - was hoping for something similar with my setup as I use Steam Big Picture as a launcher within my Windows platform at the moment.
  5. Not sure this is really the right place to ask, as I don't want to risk using the beta (but I appreciate everyone who does!), but will auto playlists be able to list, for example, consoles with region exclusive games? My job involves talking about games exclusive to outside of America, and having a way of listing those titles in Launchbox would be amazing.
  6. False alarm, I am in fact a complete spanner. I had it set up with additional apps on my tester games, so it was still mounting them and causing issues... Urgh. This is so much nicer now. Thank you! I'm sure not all games will run, but this is so much easier that I simply do not care at this stage. My life is complete. You're all wonderful.
  7. It seems that in this attempt, trying to launch any file from an archive in Retroarch for the Saturn results in a failure to load (after closing for a short period), and attempting to extract an archive in Launchbox first and have it launch through Retroarch is giving me nothing booting up. The files appear to be extracting to the 7z temp folder, but then just being deleted after Retroarch fails to do anything...
  8. Last I tried using Retroarch to emulate Saturn I could only get it to work by randomly finding which file should be used within an archive to launch a game... And then sometimes that game wouldn't be able to be launched with Mednafen, but only Yabause for some reason (I think the file type?) - and even then, it closes Retroarch for AGES, then randomly starts up again with the game running. It sits in my process manager for a long time I guess extracting the archive. These are issues not even starting with getting it to boot through Launchbox I wish CD based games were just easier to
  9. Hey guys, so I'm working on a batch script to launch SSF after mounting a rom in Daemon Tools. I currently have all my Saturn games zipped up, setting Launchbox to extract those zips, daemon tools then attempts to mount the wrong filetype. Instead of mounting the .IMG it is mounting the .CCD file, and as a result SSF is stating no disc is inserted. I'm assuming that my work to this point is correct, but it seems Launchbox automatically decides what the "rom" file is to use when passing roms to emulators. Is this coded in at the back as just the first file that comes out, or does it seek s
  10. So I came to a solution because I'm an idiot and didn't actually really notice the "Add game" button in the bottom right of the interface... Go me. I now have a menu item under Windows to launch Steam. That will suffice, but perhaps it would be a good idea to have an option for bootable applications from the "platform" menu level? I'm unsure on how this would be considered, but the idea of just booting "Steam" as a console, as opposed to a game under Windows sounds pretty nice to me. Could be used for other applications in the future too, such as Kodi.
  11. Hey guys. I'm not sure if I'm just being stupid, but I wanted to have a menu item that would just simply open Steam. I've configured Steam to open in big picture mode when opened, but for the life of me can't figure out how to just have a launchable executable... I was thinking of just having a "Steam" menu icon, like a console, which will simply launch steam in big picture mode. This is because with big picture mode, I'm capable of installing games through my controller, rather than having to pull out my mouse and keyboard, and find the window that requires me to hit next. I
  12. Honestly, Launchbox and its community is perfect in scope for me. This place is built on people with a common love of games, and everyone seems to have the right kind of chilled out attitude for it. Perhaps it's because we're a community of people willing to invest some time in luxuries in life? Who knows. For me, Launchbox is a blessing in the living room. In a house of 4 guys who all work on gaming videos (I work on a channel called DidYouKnowGaming! Check it out!) we couldn't ask for an easier way to manage all of our random ass games that we'll never dig out of the cupboard. Truly ama
  13. I've noticed that the method of displaying broken games within LaunchBox (games that don't boot) is typically handled by a video which says a game is broken. Wouldn't it be an interesting feature to allow for people marking games as broken within LaunchBox being sent back to the Games DB, and if enough people are marking a game as broken, it reports that to others as metadata updates which can mark them for the user. My only concern would be it being dependant on what application they use as their emulator, as this determines things being broken. And of course with updated emulators, this
  14. Looking this up, it seems there were plans for a field for a Series tag to be included within the Games DB, similar to the one found within Launchbox. I would love for this feature to be implemented, and I'd be happy to help fill fields in as quickly as possible to get the ball rolling. I'm not sure if this was held out due to a lack of community interest or not, but I'd just like to say that I'm super interested!
  15. I am a complete idiot and you're right, I just had my emulator configured incorrectly apparently... PSX runs fine from an archive it seems. Not sure what I had setup wrong but I fixed it somewhere down the line... Not sure about Dreamcast still, will re-examine with a bunch of games later.
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