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  1. is there a way to make it use the vertical / horizontal bezel by default even if i have other bezels in the folder?
  2. I don't remember where I found this theme for Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! but i like this remix verison of the song. Does anyone know where the full song could be located?
  3. thanks for the help, I figured out the other part. for that particular gameboy advance bezel i just had to set the ratio to 3:2 and scale to 8x
  4. I am trying to setup some overlays in RetroArch and I am having 2 problems. I cant figure out how to save it on a per system basis. The only place I can find to pick an overlay is Onscreen Display - Onscreen Overlay but that changes it for everything regardless of what core you have loaded. I wanted to have a different Overlay for each system. The second problem is I cant figure out how to change the size of the game image to fit certain bezels. I am going to use these for what is available: and these are fine because I can just set the appropriate aspect ratio and it fills it correctly, but for other ones like this GBA one I cant figure out how to get it to fit inside the bezel:
  5. This is what I came up with using the 2xbr-hybrid-crt-hyllian preset and ReShade for bloom. I dont think I have the bloom settings perfect yet, but its getting there. Also I dont think i'd use bloom on every game, but it looks nice in Super Metroid
  6. I looked at both, i think i will stick with the 2xbr-hybrid-crt-hyllian I kind of am going for a look similar to what this person has but without the fishbowl / curved crt effect and the bloom a little more toned down / subtle:
  7. Thanks for pointing these 2 out, so far these give the closest to the look that I prefer - some smoothing and scanline but not overdone on either. I wish there was something similiar that used scalefx or xbr accuracy as i think those do a better job of smoothing. when I try to make it myself it never turns out looking how I was hoping. I will probably stick with "2xbr-hybrid-crt-hyllian" for now. do you know what the difference between the hybrid and non-hybrid version is? to my eyes they look the same
  8. Is there a guide on setting up RL with LaunchBox? I might give it a try if its not to complicated
  9. that is the reason I got that one, but I dont really want to add RL into the mix. Is there a way to set a default generic bezel that has the most common screen sizes in it? I tried another pack that works but it favors the bezel over the game screen size and I cant stand having huge bezels on all 4 sides of the actual game, so I'd rather just have a default generic one that is optimized for the game screen
  10. I got the full pack from emumovies, the only instructions are to move all the zip files to the artwork directory within the mame folder, so that is what I did and they are not showing up. All of the artwork options are enabled in Mame, but i do not see any of the bezels under video options when I push Tab in-game. I doubled checked that the zip file matches the rom file on a few of them and made sure i was running the parent rom with matching name I tried extracting a few of them to a folder of the same rom name, still no luck I tried manually setting the artwork directory in Mame to make sure its looking in the right place I am running MAME 0.183, I normally launch games from LaunchBox but I tried launching directly from Mame as well, but nothing seems to be working Any help would be appreciated
  11. Thanks, that got it working the way I was trying. Now every game I have in the SNK NEO-GEO, CPS I, II, III and Cave playlists open with Retroarch using the FBA core and every other arcade game opens with MAME
  12. Yes, I did ctrl+A to highlight all the games in the playlist and used the bulk edit wizard to change the emulator. I do not mind that it changes the emulator across all of LB, that is what I want it to do. The problem is that the games will not load period now. I used the bulk edit wizard to change the emulator, added the associated platform for retroarch and the first game i tried which was a Neo Geo MVS game loaded fine with retroarch, I went to do the same exact steps for CPS and now neither CPS or Neo Geo MVS games will load, which makes no sense to me because the Neo Geo game loaded fine on first try.
  13. I have imported a full 0.183 non-merged romset and used the new playlist feature to get capcom, neo-geo etc. playlists. To start I had every arcade game set to use MAME, but I want games in certain playlists like Neo-Geo to use retroarch instead of mame. I first tried to go to the Neo-Geo playlist and hit ctrl-A to select everything and changed the emulator to retroarch. I then added an associated platform in the emulator settings to say the name of the playlist which is "SNK Neo Geo MVS" and added -L "cores\fbalpha2012_libretro.dll" for the core, checked the box and hit ok. Then i went to try a game, which was metal slug and it loaded up in retroarch no problems, so I thought all was well and tried to do the same exact thing with Capcom Play System I. I did all the same steps but CPS I games would not open, and even tho I did not change any settings with Neo Geo now they will not open either, literally the same game that opened a few minutes before will not open now. I tried manually opening a CPS I and Neo Geo game through retroarch and they will open that way, but not through launchbox. I have no idea why it worked the for the first game I tried but now it doesnt work at all, any suggestions?
  14. I tried importing a full MAME romset into launchbox first with the "skip clones and prioritize this region" option but i had the problem where for whatever reason certain games wouldnt import period that way, so I did it over and just picked import all clones, so that worked fine, but combining games that have multiple versions is taking forever. There will be certain cases where for whatever reason the world version of a game has a theme video and the north american only has a gameplay video or no video, or vise versa so I am always trying to make sure the main rom that is left in the library has a theme video and is either North American or World. In most cases happens to be the parent rom, but not always. So anyway I am wondering if there is an easier way to do this. If there was a way to automatically go through the library and check if the parent rom has a theme video associated with it, and if it does combine all versions leaving that one as the one that shows in the library, that would probably eliminate 90% of the work with some stragglers here and there to do manually. If there is not an easier way, is there a database file somewhere that I can backup once I am done doing all this manually so I never have to go through this process again in the future if I decide to upgrade to a newer MAME romset, and possible share with others to save them the time of going through the same process?
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