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  1. Hey @Sithel, great theme man, really appreciate the effort you've put into it. Just a few things, in the current version of BigBox... Options - Views - Games List View: Vertical Clear Logo Wheel Options Views - Platforms List View: Platforms Wheel with Image, Video, and Thumbs Should now just say: Options - Views - Games List View: Vertical Wheel 1 Options Views - Platforms List View: Platforms Wheel 3 And is there ANY way to disable the PPI scaling with BigBox so the text doesn't change? I have a big TV and cannot see anything on my desktop without DPI scaling. @FFiend CluBB mentioned that it can be edited on the .xaml files but I have no idea where to start with that to change the font sizes. Thanks in advance!
  2. I've used it before but some of my games don't seem to work with it, I may have to use it until I can figure out how to bypass the other issue.
  3. Hey guys, a few updates on this... Unfortunately the method of using the controller automation exit twice does not work, it just brings up the "Really Quit?" message again. It's odd that the only input plugin that seems to work correctly is the default ePSXe input core 2.0.0; but it brings up the damned "Really Quit?" message on exit. When using Lilypad 0.10, I can exit successfully using the controller automation, but ONLY during the booting sequence?! So weird, when the .cue file is loaded all input is lost including the automation. I tried another input plugin called Pokopom, but this has a similar effect to Lilypad, no controller functionality in game. I'm at a loss. Any ideas? (Lilypad works fine on PCSX2 without issue)
  4. Because I'm using Steam Big Picture with it's great new full DS4 support, I have a feeling it may be interfering with it? When on device manager, no inputs on the controller are being detected, but in Steam and in games through Steam the controller works flawlessly. I shall test BigBox without Steam to see if that helps the diagnosis. Also @SentaiBrad, if the controller automation twice works then that's good, I shall have a look when I'm back.
  5. Hello guys, I've got a very odd problem that I've been wracking my brain over for the past couple of hours. I wanted to get past the problem with ePSXe where when you exit (via controller automation) it will pop up with a "Really Quit?" confirmation message, I saw that the Lilypad PCSX2 plugin is a good way of getting past this. This is where the odd problem starts. The plugin detects all my button inputs fine, most other settings are default apart from the one that which closes the emulator without the pop up message. Yet when I load into the game, no input is detected, I can't use the controller automation to exit the emulator either, the ESC key and Alt+F4 do not respond on my keyboard forcing me to ctrl+shift+ESC. What makes the problem even MORE odd is that the controller automation for exiting the emulator DOES work while the bios is loading with the SONY white screen Intro then the PS1 logo, it works on those two screens! Then when in game bam, nothing. Cannot exit it any more without ctrl+shift+ESC. So, how about that? I'm using a DS4 controller with the latest versions of ePSXe and Lilypad. Thanks!
  6. The button doesn't do anything for me on the mobile version or the desktop mobile version.
  7. Works fine for me in Chrome, I know see the header just fine, although on mobile chrome, when requesting the Dekstop site the button to the top right hand site did not work, neither did the Themes button so I had to come onto my PC, all sorted now.
  8. That's it! You beautiful person, I can finally play my games without worrying about accidentally hitting the exit button! Thank you very much mate.
  9. I was looking for this type of solution also! Because in retroarch you can set that as well as L3+R3 to back out, however I couldn't see the option in LB, could you tell me what I need to do? This could be a life saver!
  10. Sorry for the double-post and sorry @SentaiBrad, I might be being very stupid here but on the desktop site I also see no link for Issues/Requests.
  11. Hello there, you're right a lot of them don't actually have that option, however when you hit ESC or exit an emulator such as ePSXe on accident you can still go to File > Resume which obviously is not currently possible through BigBox as it closes both the game and the emulator entirely. I shall put a request through now, this feature for me will make a big difference, I would like to easily back out of games on the couch but not accidentally hit the button and lose game progress. Thanks. (Couldn't see the issues/request button on the mobile site, whoops!)
  12. I may have to give that a try then, thanks for the advice.
  13. I know it does, I've had to disable it on a few older titles in my Steam library, I think Fallout 1/2 used to have an issue with it. I shall try and do more scouring of the internet to see if I can find anything. Anyway, I don't know if this helps but the elements of BigBox that refresh or move such as the scrolling text or as I go through the text on the screen, they pop up through the overlay once the overlay has sort of frozen on top of it. Apologies for potato pic I dunno if this will give any hints to you guys but it's worth a shot.
  14. Hello again, I was wondering if there was any chance that a feature like this could be implemented? I have bound my controller touchpad (PS4) to ESC when firmly pressed to get back into the BigBox menu, problem is sometimes my finger slips and it exits a game I haven't saved in a while... Is this something that must be done inside the emulator's own settings? Or could one be added to BigBox to stop clumsy people like myself losing hours worth of game time? Thanks.
  15. Unfortunately I would prefer to have the Overlay for ease of use with the steam link.
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