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  1. I can't believe I won. Thanks Jason and the rest of the launchbox crew.
  2. Hi. What I don't understand is the pricing. One month $20 plus $5 so is it $25 A year $30 plus $20 so is it $50 😳😳
  3. I think I've got the idea now. Going to give it another go tomorrow. Thank everyone for there time. Love launchbox it's awesome. 👍
  4. Right I just found a post. So add the emulator path as normal then add the following in the command line. -ss.scanlines 40 -ss.special nn2x -ss.stretch aspect_int -video.driver opengl -video.glvsync 0 -video.blit_timesync 0 -ss.input.port1 3dpad -cd.image_memcache 1 -ss.cart auto
  5. Sorry forgot to say Sega Saturn. Got it working standalon. Just can't get it to work in launchbox. I tried to set up like I did dolphin but it didn't like it. Zomebeaver should it be as easy as pointing it to Mednafen or more too it. I'll go through the all you write and links after tea. Thanks for everyone's reply.
  6. Hi everyone. First time of posting. What a amazing product. I went premium pretty fast, such a doddal to set up. I just wonder if there is a tutorial to set up medafen standalone in lauchbox. The emulator works well for me better than in retroarch but I can't set up in launchbox. I've google and search no luck. Does this mean it can not be done. Thanks in advance. Chris
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