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  1. Hmm I see. Thanks for the help. Are there game cover packs available for download? I can’t be the first having this issue.
  2. Are there a place where I can download packs with banners for games? This happens in some platform categories for me. It’s not pretty.
  3. That sounds really weird to me. It shows half images, not only missing images. And the majority of game covers do actually show. When it comes to games, it looks like 2D covers, not banners. The banners that might need to be created, as I understand it at least, are the platform banners.
  4. I have all game covers, everything downloaded via my Emu-movies account. All games display correctly in Launchbox. How come this weirdness occurs in Bannerbox?
  5. Hey guys! im thinking about formating my C:drive (long overdue). However.... my Launchbox, and some games are one my main C drive while some other games and emulators are scattered all over the place on different drives. Its super messy. BUT Launchbox knows where evereything is and has the capability to copy all my stuff into the launchbox folders.. Right? Can this be done on already imported roms? Can Launchbox help me tidy everything up before formating? Thanks!!😘
  6. Hmm.. well no. I’ve named them clear logo.png ☺️ I’ll try to change their names. The files are in the clear logo path under respective platform. It’s weird it worked by itself on all platforms but these two.
  7. Hey guys! I can’t seem to get it right with clear logos for ps2 and SNK neo geo. Instead of logos I get plain text. I installed Big Box yesterday, and all other platforms show up fine. See attachement if you need to see for yourselves. Thanx a bunch!! 30E757E0-422F-48D0-AE0C-1C5956DE6A86.MOV
  8. ok.. But Id like Retroarch to scan a directory, find all my games so that I have them all neat as I do in Launchbox.
  9. Hmmm... Id like to use Retroarch, but I wanna play mostly Sega... and Retroarch does not seem to find my Sega CD and Saturn games games when I "scan directory"..
  10. Hey guys! Ive got my computer hooked up to my flat screen TV via HDMI. When I start emulation my TV seems to disconnect as my computer screen shows the game intro.. Can anyone please help out? Isnt it possible to have a two screen set up for epsxe? ;( Thanx!!
  11. Ahh.. I see. What is the default command line parameters then..? Can I leave that blank? Thank you!
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