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  1. I wrote the track, being inspired by this background video Can I use it as a cover?
  2. Well, Big Box and my diy controller together, what else do you need? Shut up and play!
  3. I prefer to use default retroarch (retropad) layout, and than as you say will tweak most playable games. Thanks again
  4. And this is what i don't want to do for 500+ games because it's painful
  5. And i can do it in retroarch and save per game config with different input binds
  6. Tryed this feature. Ok it works, but how can i save that input for specific machines?
  7. Dear, I do not have time to try all the current features in Launchbox Premium, as you add and add new ones! Thank you
  8. It's not needed, because you can save core overrides in retroarch I already edited my post, it was a mistake and i didn't know about that, hope it will help thanks
  9. Did you read first post? In general the problem is when you are using only one core for arcade you can't use various control binds for different schemes like capcom, neo geo, midway, etc And saving 1000+ configs is painful If we can point retroarch for individual config which can be Retroarch.cfg but with different binds for each system placed in several folders, and replace them each time a game of coresponding platform had chosen well, it's a problem for arcade sticks only I read the discussion of this problem on libretro forums, and there everything was reduced to the fact that it is more convenient to have a unified layout of the retropad(snes like), than to adjust to various configs I thought it was possible somehow through the Big Box sorry if I ask too much
  10. About some kind of script, which will replace the retroarch.cfg file based on the selected platform or it is impossible to do in Big Box?
  11. So, maybe i can put a request anywhere about this feature? I have premium if it make sense
  12. Yes, it's alot of work, and i'm not sure it would be faster then save per game configs No need to sorry, we are all here for that and gathered in this part of the forum - to explore what we are not very good at The only thing that I immediately understood for myself when configuring the Retroarch from scratch is that you first need to disable "save on exit" function, so as not to worry in the future that something would break in Retroarch.
  13. It's not a good idea, because you can save per core config file, or even a game.
  14. Hi to all! I'm interested in one important question. Is there any solution to starting a game from Bix Box via Retroarch with certain config file? I know that i can save config overrides for any core/game, but when it comes to thousands of games, it can take a very long time of your life to save each and every game config. The problem is with my custom made arcade stick. In Retroarch there is some standard of buttons bind which is called "Retropad". Standart layot is: Y X R1 L1 B A R2 L2 But when it comes to arcade games with such a layout of buttons, at this point there are many problems such as: • Capcom games like Street Fighter which has two rows of 3x buttons (top is weak/medium/strong punch, bottom row is the same but for kick). • Neo-Geo games commonly like to use A, B, C, D all on one row. • Games with 1, 2, or 3 buttons (in a row) - usually Attack/Fire, or Attack + Jump, or Attack + Jump + Special (special move, special bomb, etc.). All these binds do not work as they should, instead they are attached to default Retroarch layout (Retropad). I would like to make several configs with button bindings for certain systems (not to save the configuration for each separate game, since the same mame core is used and I can not just keep core overrides). Is it possible to start Retroarch with a command line or something else when launching a game through the Big Box so that when the game starts from a certain playlist (for example one for Capcom games, one for NeoGeo, one for Shmups, etc...) a certain configuration with a certain layout of the buttons is loaded? For example if you can use default Retroarch.cfg with different buttons binds placed in various folders. Thanks and sorry for my English, it's not my native laguage
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