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    Nostalgia |16:9 | video additions Set

    In the video Category_Arcade.mp4 appear three arcade machines, the pacman, neogeo and donkey kong. Could you make a new video Category_Arcade_New.mp4, with more modern arcade machines, such as TriForce, Namco System 22, Sega Model, Sega Naomi, Sega Hikaru, or similar? If this is already asking too much, do not listen to me. I already apologize in advance. And thanks for your invaluable work.
  2. zlagos

    Nostalgia |16:9 | video additions Set

    Beautiful. Great job. Especially since the TurboExpress was complicated. Thank you so much.
  3. zlagos

    Nostalgia |16:9 | video additions Set

    Thank you very much, if I can help something, just tell me and I'll try ... Regards, friend.
  4. zlagos

    Nostalgia |16:9 | video additions Set

    Really spectacular, amazing ... I love these videos ... Thanks for the work to you and Viking. And the only thing I feel is that I would be missing two videos, for the systems NEC TurboExpress and Gaelco ... I guess asking you to do them would be an excess, I'm sorry. I work with the Gimp very well with the photos and drawings, but to work with videos, I am a true zero ... In any case, apologies for my poor English and thank you for your work.