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    Good looking theme! I am grateful that you shared this with the community!
    There hasn't been an update in almost a year but this is a very beautiful theme. I hope it isn't stuck in BETA but I don't have any problems with it!
  1. @Daniel15 I saw the same thing 🙂 Hopefully there will be two versions for a little while though. I'd rather have it under WINE so I get access to the themes. @Sbaby That would be great. You could probably do the same thing with something like this could come in handy. But Linux is much lighter and the default Drivers on Linux would be much better.
  2. I believe WPF is the holdup. They can't rid of WPF because it's what allows the easier themes. It would also change how themes work so they wouldn't be cross-compatible.
  3. I'll take wine support for now though. Looking forward to seeing if/how well it will get ran on Steam Deck. The Steam Deck's OS is based on Arch which is a rolling release distro. What this means is it gets the latest updates faster than things like Ubuntu. This may amount to nothing but it will probably help in getting this running well in WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator). More importantly, Arch has access to the AUR. This will make installing Launchbox SO MUCH EASIER. Someone will probably make a launchbox-steam-deck that will have it configured pretty perfectly I imagine. One command and it's installed. If the developers see enough demand in that market, then they will happily make a more native implementation, as they have said before. 🙂
  4. So, as to not break any rules I'm going to say this. I am not asking for piracy. I am only trying to download games that I already personally own. But my question is. Some people on here have very massive collections of games. How should I get ROMS? I have use every Torrent I have found, again legally. Where does everybody get there's? Because I don't even know how to make a ROM of games that aren't discs..
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