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  1. I would like the rooms appointment system to be fixed. There are quite a few rooms that include, the and still appear with the, the. also happens with signs such as: - á (accents) that creates confligtos Iosea passes a lot Pokemon: Goldene Edition in the database comes out as Pokémon: Goldene Edition and does not identify it launchbox
  2. umm okay what happens is that everything that happens happens is that I download the latest update of the database and when I want to update the metadata of games that lack things like developer release date and that but not what updates and I add the missing data and they were already accepted but it does not happen with a specific game happens with all and all the data. the only solution I found was to reinstall every time I launched the launch box I hope the problem can be solved
  3. well I have the version of launch box 1.7.14 and I have a problem the metadata of the database is not updated when I give it the task of updating metadata and images and when I do it manually they are not updated either but if I go to the page of the data of the game in gamesdb are the metadata that is missing in the video game
  4. You will see I am a moderator of the database but I tend to moderate blindly because there are consoles to which we give everything could create some kind of specialization for the moderators to only moderate the metadata of the consoles that we manage well. thank you anyway
  5. thank you man but this web is not recommended has a particular problem the format of your images is unique is done so that it does not happen what you want us to do download the photos to post them in another site like the db here
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