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  1. Hi! I configured Xpadder with multiple emulators and Windows games but I'm not sure how to use different profiles for DOSBox games. I tried to use the feature "Additional apps" in Launchbox, which allows me to specify xpadder profile for each game. However, after I specify the profile explicitly it doesn't return back to autoprofile mode. I could have used game names for different profiles, but regardless of what game you're running in DOSBox, Windows only see DOSBox as an active process. I might add a batch file to shutdown xpadder after every game and reopen it, but I was curious if someone was aware of any better solution. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone! I posted a topic yesterday regarding redefining joystick in Bigbox and have a feeling that it is not possible at this moment. While I searched everywhere on how to swap axes, I decided to use xpadder to overcome this issue. Now I can simply use my joystick mapped to keyboard in BigBox. However, when using joystick I found controller automation really useful, particularly Hold button+Close Active Window to exit emulators and with xpadder and keyboard I can't seem to achieve the same functionality. When I try to define either Hold or Close Active Window actions, it doesn't respond to keypresses. Is there another way on how to automate certain functions, or I have to use the 3rd party software? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone! I just recently finished building my first bartop and after I assembled everything I noticed that I mistakenly connected X-axis instead of Y. Now, I can reconfigure left, right, up, down in emulators, but in Bigbox/launchbox I can only reconfigure the buttons not the actual stick. I started searching for solutions and I was able to find vJoy+UJR, which works for me, but the problem with it is that I no longer can replace explorer.exe with bigbox.exe, because in this case UJR app won't start. Current workaround is to add both UJR and Bigbox into startup folder and wait until everything loads. Please don't recommend me to disassemble everything and reconnect the joystick as it will involve way too much work and likely will ruin my artwork. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Alex
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