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  1. Hai, I love the plugin, makes autoconfiguring for those troublesome games a breeze, however, I am also trying to get the configurator to copy the 'PCSX2_keys.ini' file across without luck. It is for custom save state hotkey binds etc that I prefer using for the emulator (and have for all my emulators). I currently have it placed in the ini folder inside the pcsx2 directory and it works for all games that are not modified with the configurator. As soon as i use this plugin on a game for configs it gets overwritten by the default binds. Placing it into the configurators created game folders inside the pcsx2 ini directory doesn't seem to work either. Is there any command line I can use to make the configurator copy the 'PCSX2_keys.ini' file with configurator overrides?
  2. Similar issue for focus but without rocketlauncher (good riddance = I removed it in favour of LB/BB being 'one to rule them all') . Focus on exiting games seems to bring launchbox to the front - with the exit screen still playing behind it mostly on standalone emulators like PPSSPP. Retroarch is usually fine exiting, and everything works great with the startup screens - just the exit focus is the problem.
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