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  1. For example, what if you want to add games from the DMC HD Collection under Sony PlayStation 2, as that's the console they were originally made for?
  2. Tried going there, all the files are showing a padlock, indicating you can't download them, on the top Google results anyway.
  3. Okay then, so how do I get disc images that Beetle Saturn will accept?
  4. I don't think that's the case: I'm using a good disk image of NIGHTS: Into Dreams, and it's working fine on Yabause, but whenever I try it with Beetle Saturn on Retroarch, the emulator I'd rather use, it gives me the Drive Empty issue, so it surely must be an emulator issue!
  5. It keeps sending me to the BIOS screen with "Drive Empty" messages! I've tried everything I can think of, running the .cue files, the other files, all of it! What the heck do I do?!
  6. It would be absolutely awesome, wouldn't it?
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