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  1. 1 hour ago, rcoltrane said:

    Does anyone here know how to mount MSX1 cartridges in LaunchBox using MAME 0.217 Software Lists? Because my MSX carts are not working when I mount the ROM file straight from the ROMS folder, which seems to be the default LaunchBox behavior. MAME actually has a bug when mounting roms files for some systems without using its software lists (the system boots up but the game won't run).

    hb501p -cart1    ......works for me


  2. 2 hours ago, floodie said:

    Ok thanks Harry. Do TAP files literally take the same time to load though as the olden days?. i can see that becoming frustrating after the novelty has worn off.

    Also, i have a huge batch of ROMs, all in these different folder formats. there are so many roms i am trying to cut them down. I have deleted all (B), and (A1/2/3/4..) but there are still about 6000. there seem to be many duplicates still but is there an automated solution anywhere other than grinding through it?

    if when importing the folder you tick the box (combine roms named the same) it will only make one entry and you can select which version to load.

  3. Im a .TAP fan myself but you may find that not all titles are dumped in that format so i just use anything that is available, i use spectaculator for emulation it is premium (paid for) but it supports .pok files for cheats and is amazing.

  4. Emumovies is an amazing resource of gaming media & is seamlessly intergrated into launch/bigbox. It is really worth paying for premium membership IMHO. In launchbox settings you enter your login details for emumovies and update media and it will auto download your missing media.

  5. Gamesville Cinematic

    View File

    Welcome to Gamesville ... Where everything is free.

    Rendering it took bloody ages but i think it was worth it in the end.

    please leave feedback as it is nice to be thanked for all the hours we media creators put into these projects.

    We do this for fun and are not payed , give me some cash if you want , please make all checks payable to The Harryoke Retirement Fund :P


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