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  1. 1 minute ago, Drakkorcia said:

    I setup the CD-i with MESS version 0.161 the same way Brad did in his video and what I get is:

    • A teal colored screen for 15 seconds before the Philips settings screen appears (clock, date/time, etc)
    • I select "Play CD-1" and the teal screen appears for another 15 seconds

    At this point the majority of the games display the error message "Sorry. In order to play this disk your cd-i must come equipped with a digital video cartridge." All of the games are CHD. Very few of them start without this error message.

    Before I start tweaking I want to know if everyone else experiences these same issues. Teal screen, long launch times, fatal digital video cartridge error.


    only cirtain games that required the mpeg cartridge hardware addon get this error , most games dont use it. mine launch fine but there is a slight delay when launching them


  2. 1 minute ago, Lordmonkus said:

    Is that something that got changed only for CD-i ?

    Back when I did mess around with CD-i and Mame my cue + bin image worked but I have long since gotten rid of anything CD-i related and the few CD based things I do use for Mame now (NeoGeo CD and FM Towns Marty) work with cue + bin.

    my bin/cue files never worked with mess , needed to convert to chd to get them to boot

  3. 1 hour ago, DerekWorld said:

    Hello, I've been scouring the forums and watched the CD-i Launchbox tutorial but now that MESS is integrated with MAME, the video instructions don't translate well anymore. I'm using the latest version of MAME with Launchbox for my Arcade Games. Can someone please point me in the direction of updated directions to get CD-i working with MAME and Launchbox or does this even work anymore?


    to get cd-i to work with mess/mame they need to be in .chd format , if the are in bin/cue they need to be converted ... here is a link to a batch file which will do all the hard work for you if you need it ....

    default commandline is :    cdimono1 -cdrm

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