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  1. how to auto-mount CD image using Daemon Tools for use in UNZ emu.

    daemon.thumb.png.c65e89c82c7a6748f63dd4689f18b232.pngCommandline:   -m -t "dt"  -l "O" -p

    Where "O" is the drive letter image will be mounted to.

    You can select which Drive letter you want UNZ to use for CDROM.

    daemon5.thumb.png.c4e9b08ea84806fffc052f700ed1e4c7.pngNext you need launchbox to run UNZ.exe after mounting the game.

    daemon2.thumb.png.b4d9c6a41997e30103653d7796041244.pngdaemon3.thumb.png.498f5dbf640e09f0d012e49e311e69e0.pngPoint launchbox to where your UNZ.exe is

    and voila it works.

  2. @Jason Carr is there any way to mass-edit a platform to add additional app after launch , as i need to use it for fm towns emulation using daemon tools to mount the iso & then launch unz.exe for the emulation , but i dont want to have to go through 100's of games changing it manually.

    If not could you consider adding this function please.

  3. CriticalZone - Nebula

    View File

    This is based on @CriticalCid amazing Criticalzone V2 - bluebox theme so all thanks should go to him.

    You can find the Original theme here:

    i mearly changed a few things , as you can see from the screenshots it turned out pretty good.

    i know the file is huge, that is because i included all platform logos/banners/device art and my replacement background video is 177mb .... sorry

    All logo/banners/device artwork belong to there respective creators .. ive had them ages so ive forgot who made them :(

    If they are your creation please give me a shout and i will add your name to the Thanks list ;)

    Please refesh image cache in bigbox after install for the full effect.



  4. 1 hour ago, Thornback said:

    Got there in the end. I just let it do its things for some 15 min and it eventually worked. Subsequent runs are much faster now.

    Thanks again for your assistance.

    Holy Cow!!!! An Aussie with a Computer ???? I thought you guys had just discovered the wheel ;)

    This has been an automated message from your friendly neibourhood Pommie :)

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  5. 24 minutes ago, Darkseid001 said:

    If you look at all the platforms retroarch is available on its insane they have all bases covered.  I had no idea you could install it on like a ps3 so really having LB available on as many platforms as possible isn't that bad an idea as long as it doesn't take away from windows development!!!

    PS3 uses Power PC and is a pain in the ass to code for (IMHO).

    Sure you can use an SDK to compile , but if you use the official $ony SDK you will be sued by evil corporate lawyers. 

  6. On 7/22/2019 at 12:06 AM, fromlostdays said:


    I followed your directions but I can't get this launching through launchbox for the life of me. No matter what I do I'm getting an error "Unrecognized content on command line". I used the command line above, launchbox default, checked and unchecked don't use quotes and every variation I could think of. Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?



    2019-07-23_10-06-02.thumb.png.5e43f4a814f5327f8261ffd3ea2195f9.pnghope this helps

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