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    Love this simple idea. Would be nice to see the tv change with the year of console perhaps in future updates. Appreciate you sharing this!
  1. I updated Rocketlancher and it works.
  2. I was launching dream cast games with Redream through rocket launcher with success but now I'm getting this error? Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?
  3. Here is the Hyperspin theme for Locomalito attached. can you put together a unified version for use on LB please. Locomalito Games.mp4 Locomalito Games.zip
  4. im having this issue as well. when i loadup platform videos vlc pixelates with green, grey distortion for about 3 seconds then sorts itself out untill i scroll to another wheel or system. i switched to windows media player and all is fine there but some of my game videos thenn do not play. the game videos play fine in vlc. is this a setting issue in vlc or something else. any suggestions?
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