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  1. I have never been able to get tape games to work properly in mame i do all the proper steps but after playing the tape and going back to input proper commands it does nothing i dunno if it because i remapped scroll lock to left alt or what but no dice maybe it is the version of mame i use .210b i dunno i just cant get it to work after the tape has played i get no hex values or anything and if i go back and press g the cursor just blinks and i'm unable to input any further commands i also have this problem trying to run acorn atom and apf imagination machine tapes (the apf tapes are worse though because it doesnt boot into basic or anything of the sort just "rocket patrol"
  2. there is an option on the last page of the importer to ignore subdirectories and as far as the ones in the root with all the games best and probably only way i know to exclude those is to manually remove them from import list after lb parses your games before you press finish to accomplish this simply select the bios file(s) in the list and hit delete they will then not get imported also it will not delete your files just removes it from import list
  3. for anyone who has the 2019 redump set featuring cues and having a hard time actually using them (because reicast is kinda super geared towards android users) redump offers the gdis on there site which make the set perfectly usable with with redream nulldc and demul without any sort of modification. in case anyone was curious
  4. anyone try converting any of the games from the new redump set featuring cue files? I've had no luck at all.
  5. as far as ease of use goes nearly all of those run quite well in retroarch given you yourself know how to set up retroarch the end result is incredibly user friendly with automatic gamepad configuration and such so i would probably start there
  6. HallowedTruth

    Acorn Atom

    Okay so i can get acorn roms loaded and playing in atomulator both cassete and disks. I can also get disks to load and play through mame but not tapes I enter the appropriate commands tab out to menu play tape and nothing happens and i can no longer enter any commands. So my question is does anyone know how to set up atomulator in launchbox or get tape games to work in mame. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. I can't seem to get the fullscreen to work no matter what compat setting i tick on or off it just straight spazzes and on top of that ticking the 640x480 thing ended with having to hard restart
  8. this is absolutely brilliant only platform missing from my current build is thomson mo5 if anyone could hook me that'd great
  9. okay but what if the drive my original launchbox live doesnt have enough space for the whole exodos collection can i just copy the xml the manuals and images and leave the games hwere they are and just import them into my current lb setup?
  10. yeahi have it set as oric1 that was a typo my bad i'll try your advice now and let you know worked perfectly thank you so much for the help
  11. Trying to get tangerine oric running through mame, but when i launch i game it just loads basic and for the life of me i cant figure out the proper commands to load the .tap. oric -cass is the correct emulator setting yes? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. does the commond creator work if you're games are labeled disc a disc b and so on?
  13. UnluckyForSome you sir or mam are a hero among heroes thanks for you fix it worked brilliantly
  14. Hello all, first and foremost I want to say thank you for a most amazing piece of software I absolutely love it. Now that that is done onto the main purpose of this post. I've recently purchased a forever updates license and and an emumovies lifetime sub, and everything has worked brilliantly except for when I try to scrape metadata and images and video for my ps1 collection. Thing is when i scrape them one at a time (using edit\download metadata\images button) I've been able to grab everything but if I try to scrap more than one game at a time I receive nothing from emumovies. Which is important because the launchbox db doesn't have any video media. I was just curious as to what could cause this and if anyone had any thoughts. Thank you and once again absolutely amazing software. Also in reference to specific details I am using the latest beta on win 10.
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