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  1. Thanks for the tip! It's better this way. But I'd also like having fav at the beginning. Is it possible to have them at the beginning and in Alpha sorting at the same time?
  2. Hi, Apparently in Bigbox, a favorite game is not visible anymore in alphabetical. Is there a way to make it visible in both fav and alpha sorting? Thanks!
  3. Hi, maybe it already has been reported but I had choppy video transitions between platforms (I'm using fading transition exclusively). Issue is solved swiching from VLC to Windows Media player in Video playback engine. Thanks again for this great theme and your hard work!
  4. Well worth the wait! Color match is a nice addition. Thanks!
  5. Hi, the only place in Bigbox where I don't use your videos is in playlists (collections...) The actual views makes non-COLORFUL vids being 2/3 visibles and not centered. Is there a way to define a specific view for this category only? BTW, If you provide sources at some point, I'd love to contribute with collection playlists Thanks again for your work!
  6. I'd love to have category videos too as it's my default Bigbox statup Thanks for your work!
  7. As for Colorful video playset, thank you so much for your great work! It sums up pretty much everything I like in UI. I know it's early stage so please find some feedback hoping it can help : - I feel Box art is too big on game view depending on the video. For exemple, it can sometime cover the main character of a plateform game which seems odd. I do like having a big boxart though... - Playlist's game number doesn't work while it does with other skins Thanks again!
  8. Thank you so much for this set! I was using Nostalgia for a long time, thinking nothing would make me change from this already great set...I was wrong BTW, thanks also for the Colorful BigBox theme! Insta switch!
  9. Hi, thx for the feedback. Yes I have full rights in metadata folder. Just to be sure, before starting the update tool process, will it overwrite all the manual editions I did? (Poster, fanart, etc...) I spent quite some time on it. Also, is there a way to manually update metadata like it's done sometimes automatically when I search for metadata? Thanks, Edit : ''Solved'' rolling back to 7.15 beta4
  10. Hi, I'm having an error while trying to search for metadata via local DB while Wikipedia is still functional. I'm currently running 7.15 beta 5 (retroachiv woop woop!). I'm not sure if it's related... Any idea? Also, I tried to delete Metadata.xml. No success Thanks!!
  11. Problem solved using the following tutorial to move ONLY cache on an SSD : I would also suggest to move \LaunchBox\Videos\Platforms on SSD if you use a BB theme using background system videos. I had little hiccups while using system wheel and now it's perfect. Thanks!!
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately I did follow this guide but no success. I don't know if it's important to mention but I'm running on a 4k screen. AFAIK there is no way to change resolution, right?
  13. Hi, I'm new to Launchbox so I might have missed something but I'm having trouble with Bigbox. Views using wheels with game boxes and logos take forever to load. The rest of the artworks (cart, fanart, etc...) load almost instantaneously. Also, it's not consistent. It can run butter smooth for 10 sec and then it happens. Interface is still running smoothly so I assume it could be related to image cache? I'm not using an SSD. Is it a common issue? I disabled backgrounds but still happening. Koba
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