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  1. great update! Speed gain confirmed! Initial start faster as well as context menus
  2. Thanks @OdinsPlayground ! These were the last systems I was missing.
  3. tweaked GameDetailsView attached with recently added play time feature. I also added platform under title, useful when navigating through playlists with several systems Thanks again @faeran I love this theme! GameDetailsView.xaml
  4. @viking Good idea! Here you go : https://we.tl/t-eKgmUVGadL
  5. Hi, I made a set of Collection vids using fixed PNGs to fit my beloved ColorFul theme from @viking First time that I contribute so feel free to comment if I miss anything. Some of these files are quite big (being only fixed PNGs) but I didn't want to cut attached MP3. I took most of the pics and musics from official ressources but also from few fanarts and musics so I may have to add sources anytime soon. Also, As I'm still using "old" Colorful theme, I added color codes and files to edit so colors match in playlist screen AND under each collection. Collection names must fit but it can be edited easily. Sorry, color match isn't gonna work with new BETA theme, neither with the next one, according to Viking. So again thanks to Viking for his amazing theme and platform video set. Also, special thanks to @Swaf who already created several of these collection vids in 1080p. I wanted to create an 4K set so I went all in. Feel free to ask if you need one. I'll be happy to provide. 1503046054_AgeofEmpireCollection.mp4 Assassins Creed Collection.mp4 1273487784_BatmanCollection.mp4 1632138014_CallofDutyCollection.mp4 Castlevania Collection.mp4 1121047871_CivilizationCollection.mp4 Crash Bandicoot Collection.mp4 Dead or Alive Collection.mp4 1317641568_DevilMayCryCollection.mp4 1225995488_DisgaeaCollection.mp4 Donkey Kong Collection.mp4 382925126_DOOMCollection.mp4 Dragon Ball Collection.mp4 Dragon Quest Collection.mp4 FIFA Collection.mp4 2078443948_FinalFantasyCollection.mp4 FORZA Collection.mp4 1830400179_GearsofWarCollection.mp4 Ghosts 'n Goblins Collection.mp4 1344645429_GodofWarCollection.mp4 1199992161_GranTurismoCollection.mp4 1515600840_GrandTheftAutoCollection.mp4 883752691_GuiltyGearCollection.mp4 Half-Life Collection.mp4 1247012210_HaloCollection.mp4 779984176_HitmanCollection.mp4 1411411026_KingdomHeartsCollection.mp4 1011528159_KirbyCollection.mp4 Lego Collection.mp4 Mana Collection.mp4 975081702_MarvelCollection.mp4 Mega Man Collection.mp4 826027477_MetalGearCollection.mp4 Metal Slug Collection.mp4 Metroid Collection.mp4 Mortal Kombat Collection.mp4 Naruto Collection.mp4 1420656904_NeedforSpeedCollection.mp4 One Piece Collection.mp4 1370740625_Pac-ManCollection.mp4 744469705_PersonaCollection.mp4 Pokemon Collection.mp4 2013238316_PrinceofPersiaCollection.mp4 941451122_RatchetClankCollection.mp4 Rayman Collection.mp4 Resident Evil Collection.mp4 Sonic Collection.mp4 Soulcalibur Collection.mp4 Spider-Man Collection.mp4 Star Wars Collection.mp4 1685359898_StreetFighterCollection.mp4 1181385310_SuikodenCollection.mp4 Super Mario Collection.mp4 1909838635_TalesofCollection.mp4 1068727636_TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesCollection.mp4 900836801_TekkenCollection.mp4 The King of Fighters Collection.mp4 2085824631_TheLegendofZeldaCollection.mp4 1095963832_TombRaiderCollection.mp4 2130544622_YakuzaCollection.mp4 AA_Edit Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll.config.txt AA_Edit Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a-Colors.dll.config.txt AA_Edit COLORFUL_Styles.xaml.txt
  6. Hey @viking, just wondering, are you still cooking a V2? Some of the POC views were pretty nice!
  7. Stunning Theme! Glow effect really shine! Thanks!
  8. Could be nice to have platform name in details panel (below title?) It might be useful when navigating in a playlist containing several systems. Thanks again for the theme!
  9. Thanks buddy! Another piece of the Colorful puzzle masterpiece!!
    Simple and elegant, your set is brilliant! Thank you!
  10. Silence was a sound design choice? A loading sound to go with the video would have been nice. Also, any plan to release a 4k ? Anyway this is another great work to complete you set! thank you!
  11. Hi, any plan on these following systems? Epoch Super Cassette Vision NEC PC Engine Sharp X68000 Thanks for your work!
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