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  1. so I finally got around to dealing with my video files here's how you can compress your video files with no loss of quality. http://blogs.it.ox.ac.uk/adamweblearn/2013/10/how-to-compress-large-video-files-without-losing-quality-using-handbrake/ the program is free, super easy to use.
  2. a simple third party program that scrapes our own image folder and uploads-compresses-downloads-replaces the old images would be great. im sure one of the talented coders here could do it
  3. ??? those files are not included in CriticalZoneV2, the Default CriticalZone, nor any of the other CriticalZone versions. Where can I get this DLL???
  4. perhaps you should take the time to read the entire thread. im not asking him to "modify" his theme. im asking him to make it FUNCTION. its supposed to do what im asking for, but it doesnt. we've been trying to troubleshoot it for days now but nothing works.
  5. i have only had launchbox for 1 week, and bigbox for 4 days. idk what im doing. idk how it works. im still learning. but if the theme says it does "this and that" then I believe it. so...i thought it would do literally what it said it was going to do. and i would prefer the playlist video background to work
  6. ok so... I was up all night playing around with various themes, and I even decided to try @CriticalCid alternate themes...uhm..cough...you should probably recheck all of the themes you have uploaded. V2 (the one that is supposed to do playlist backgrounds) doesn't do playlist backgrounds. FanArtOnly (the one that is NOT ment to do ANY videos at all) does BACKGROUND video's EXACTLY how you said in your pdf that you DONT want it to do. I have background video's for every single platform in the platform wheel view now. BackgroundVideosOnly (the one that is supposed to do only background videos) has the same issue V2 has, it wont change playlist video backgrounds.
  7. how do I add in the xaml to enable Device images for Playlists?
  8. so I'm trying to save space and compress my roms and then let Launchbox extract them as needed, this works GREAT for PS1 and earlier generation ROMs because they are already relatively small files. But when I tried this on my PS2 games it works, but takes forever (which is understandable sine the file I tested was a Double Layered Disc that is 8 GB), so my question is, which compression settings are the best for not only saving on File Size, but also Fast Extraction Time? For the record I am using 7zip and compressing to .ZIPs with these settings: Ultra, LZMA, 8 MB, 128 Word Size. These settings brought my 8 GB ROM down to 6.8 GB, so its a decent amount of savings. What settings have you guys tried and what do you think would work the best?
  9. just went through every single possible view in Blade Runner (both platform views and game views) and it didnt change the playlist background video, HOWEVER something else I found with Blade Runner, it wont play the video for the FOREGROUND of the Playlist either. But videos for platforms works just fine. in cityhunter the FOREGROUND video's for the playlist works just fine, but again, no background video. this "plugin" you keep refering to, is it a file i can download? is there a newer version of it? a beta version? or can you give me your version?
  10. where can I download the beta? I want to try it and see if it fixes my issue. I found it inside options
  11. is it possible to change the sound used for navigation when you go into a Playlist. Example: I have a few playlists, Mega Man, Metroid, etc. And i have navigation sound files for Mega Man and Metroid, but I dont want to use those for EVERYTHING, only while navigating games inside those Playlists. Is this possible?
  12. -update- moved it to root directory still no go.
  13. I still cant do that lol. guess its time to finally clean out my drives. cya in a few hours once im done moving / deleting 2TB of junk
  14. -update- nvm. scratch that idea LOL
  15. i guess i can move it temp. my OS SSD is not big enough to have something like launchbox on it (permanently atleast) will update with my findings.
  16. hmmm is that the issue? i dont want to install to my root directory tho...
  17. yup. same as me. mine no work tho
  18. also could you show me EXACTLY where you/how you structured your folders in the theme? i want to make absolutely sure Im doing it right.
  19. they are videos found here, on this very forum The Zero Mission vid from here. and the collection video from here
  20. just incase there was something wrong with the metroid video, i put another video in there. still doesnt work.
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