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  1. I give up. Thanks anyway to anyone who at least tried to help.
  2. You have to add LEDBlinky to the startup folder for it to load automatically. When I removed LEDBlinky, I also removed its entry in my startup folder.
  3. Yep, I mentioned earlier in the thread that getting rid of LEDBlinky made no difference. Basically LaunchBox refuses to load the game properly after a reboot. It will eventually load it, but after a really long wait. And if someone presses a button either on purpose or by accident while it is trying to load MAME, LaunchBox will try to load the ROM again, each time the button is pressed. Then the cabinet is trying to load a bunch of MAME instances at once, which makes everything go insane. This does not happen again after the first time it happens. It's always only after the first boot.
  4. I don't remember saying I had VLC issues, haha My issue is that the first time I load any game, LaunchBox starts LEDBlinky and MAME refuses to load the first game unless I sit there and wait for 2 minutes. If I press any button on the cabinet, instead of skipping the button instructions and starting the game, LEDBlinky just keeps repeating itself, and eventually MAME tries to open like half a dozen instances of MAME, making the computer completely lock up for 2-3 minutes. When I exit out of everything and try again, everything works fine. But this is obviously not an enjoyable experience for a MAME cabinet to have to do this every time I turn it on. Thinking it could be a Windows 10 issue, I completely wiped Windows 10, and reinstalled a bare-bones issue called Win 10 LTSB that has zero bloat (and is on a very old version of the OS, so the blame can't be put on a Windows update.). When that didn't work, I spent $200 and put all of my ROMs on an SSD because I figured maybe my spinny hard drive was getting slower with age. Unfortunately this too did not work. Here is the video of what happens so it makes more sense:
  5. OK so I can with 100% confidence say it's something with launchbox and MAME. I got rid of my spinny HDD and bought a 2TB SSD (not cheap!) I reinstalled an old version of Windows 10; a 2016 release that is LTSB meant for things like ATMs and such, and it has absolutely zero bloat. It doesn't even come with the Edge browser. After all that, and setting EVERYTHING up all over again (took FOREVER), I still have the issue. There is no way it's anything I am doing and this is really starting to make me give up on this whole thing. Is it MAME? Is it Launchbox? Is it the way BigBox is launching MAME?
  6. I appreciate that, however I am using the same drive I have always been using and never had an issue before.
  7. So I did a bit of research on this. It appears a LOT of people have this issue with either the 1803 or 1809 update to Windows 10. Unfortunately I see no way to downgrade to 17XX without losing all of my settings/reinstalling an old Windows 10 disc. Some people said that they fixed it by turning off a feature that has to do with not allowing notifications to interrupt a game window (a new "focusing" feature). Unfortunately turning that off did nothing for me. Is there anything else I can try? Any way to get back to 17XX without losing all of my setting?
  8. Thanks, yeah I did update Windows 10. I tried to uninstall all the updates but it only let me go back so far. What is needed for a full reinstall on MAME? Kind of a confusing verbiage only because MAME just kind of gets extracted to a folder.
  9. I am just so glad to see it's not just me. Thank you so much for checking it out for me. I tried the latest version of LaunchBox, as well as the latest 8.X release. I checked to see in task manager if any high CPU or RAM usage was going on during this time, but nothing was. I did not use any system logs, though. What do you think the culprit is, since you have the same issue as me? LaunchBox, or is MAME to blame? Or both? Thanks again so much.
  10. Thanks for the reply. It happens with any ROM. It could be Pac-man, it does not matter. The lockup *always* happens if I try to load a game within a few minutes of Windows 10 booting up. After the first round of it locking up, it will always work fine. However, this is not a good solution because the entire reason I bought an SSD and Windows 10 was for the incredibly fast boot-up time. Adding an extra 5-10 minutes is not really acceptable. Especially because there's no way if my kids go to play it that I am going to have them hook up a keyboard to force close LaunchBox and MAME every single time. Also, force closing takes forever to work. It takes a good minute of waiting just to show the desktop when I press Win+D or CTRL ALT DEL. It is completely unresponsive this entire time. Any help would be incredibly appreciated!
  11. Oh and I want to make it clear that LEDBlinky was not the problem.
  12. I greatly appreciate that. And yeah, updating MAME and the ROMset is such an aggravating process that I too only do it maybe once per year.
  13. I am going to sound like such an idiot but I have no idea how to do that (and I am pretty good with computers). I mean I can find the command prompt I need to run MAME and load Killer Instinct but I have no clue how to tell it to use LEDBlinky as LEDBlinky is set up to use Big Box.
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