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  1. Hello all! I just did a big update to all my MAME files for the first time in a while and I am unsure of how I go about getting "new" games to show up in LaunchBox. There have been a few new games added to MAME since I first imported everything, and I was wondering how to get LaunchBox to show them. Do I just import everything again like it's the first time ever? Also is there a way to make LaunchBox auto-sync so it automatically adds new games it finds in my C:\MAME\ROMS folder? I also for the first time downloaded the Software List set which is for console games like NES, SNES, Sega Master System, etc. These will all be running in MAME but I do not want any of those ROMs to show up in the "Arcade" menu. I would like them to be separated by individual consoles, even though they are all being played through MAME. Is there any way to do that? Finally I am seeing a lot mentioned in regards to a mame.xml file and how it gets updated, and I just downloaded the newest version of groovyMAME and there is no mame.xml file in there. From what I understand, LaunchBox requires an updated MAME.XML in order to import properly. Where do I obtain this normally? Like I said there was no mame.xml in the mame download zip I just got. Thanks so much in advance!
  2. Ah, that was the issue! I didn't check "import duplicate" because it's not really a duplicate, it's a completely different game. I do realize how specific this situation is though and totally understand why LaunchBox wouldn't import it otherwise. By the way I got the images for Power-Up Baseball to show up by manually going into the edit screen and downloading them. For whatever reason even though I did a huge database update yesterday, it didn't include the Power-Up Baseball images for whatever reason. Oh well. It's working great now! You are all the best, thank you so much! Sorry about my stupidity!
  3. None of you are going to believe how stupid I am. I am glad I was so stubborn on getting this game to work, because I figured out I've been using a 2 year old version of MAME for the past 2 years. When I first built and set up my cab, I was using regular MAME. A short while later, someone told me about GroovyMAME, which is a fork of MAME for people using genuine arcade CRTs. So I downloaded it, and used that ever since. Or so I thought. Somehow I never realized the original version of MAME I was using was named mame64.exe, and groovymame was named mame.exe. So this entire time, for the past 2 years, LaunchBox has been using C:\MAME\mame64.exe for my arcade games! Every single time I updated my ROMset and MAME version (as well as the MAME.INI) it was a complete waste of time! I can't believe what a moron I am! Still, the fact of why Power-Up Baseball won't import properly is in fact an interesting one. I wonder what the reason is behind that? Also, I would still like to solve the mystery of getting both Judge Dredd games to show up in LaunchBox/Big Box. They are two entirely different games; not clones or version differences. Is there any easy way to do this? Thanks again for everyone's help getting Power-Up Baseball imported because I would have never figured this out otherwise! What a blessing in disguise!
  4. Sorry, a lot of this stuff is really hard to do because I am using a genuine arcade CRT that runs at 640x480, and it's almost impossible to use LaunchBox with that screen resolution. It's very frustrating. I have to remote desktop into it and change the res to 800x600 (which is the max the hacked video card supports) and even then a lot of LaunchBox settings get cut off; and I am doing this all while my arcade monitor is making horrible squealing noises because it's running at a resolution it doesn't support due to it being a standard res arcade CRT. This is what the settings look like for the game: Do these settings look OK? I also apologize that the top is cut off on them; this is all I can view with the low res monitor. The game launches just fine in MAME by itself without using LaunchBox for those that asked.
  5. The images show up just fine on the Launchbox database website, so my guess it has something to do with the convoluted way I had to import the game, first choosing it as a RetroArch game and then changing it later. Also the images aren't really that important. Why does the game refuse to launch when I select it? It just has a loading symbol for a second and then stops. I have MAME set for the emulator, but I suspect it has something to do with the way I imported the game. Also I'd like to know if I have to do this ridiculous import method for every new MAME game, or is it just Power-up Baseball for some odd reason?
  6. Anyone? I am trying to have friends over again today to play it.
  7. Also metadata like info on the game shows up but images won't.
  8. Geez, that somehow worked. Why did I have to do it like that? Do I have to do that every time I add a game to MAME? Also the game won't launch. I have it set to launch with MAME but when I choose it, nothing happens.
  9. This is what I keep getting: It refuses to import pubball.zip and I cannot figure out why.
  10. I don't recall because it was like 2 years ago but I think it's a moot point anyway because Power-up Baseball was only dumped like 6 months ago so it wouldn't have been part of my original import anyway.
  11. I am on 0.234 for MAME, and the ROMset is the same (0.234). The problem with Dredd is I only see the crummy Acclaim game, not the Midway one. Power-Up Baseball won't show up at all. I did have "Skip game unplayable" unchecked, and I also unchecked "skip prototype", but LaunchBox always says "imported 0 games".
  12. Hello! I am on the latest Launchbox on my MAME cabinet, on a Windows 10 machine. I just learned about two prototype arcade games that never came out. Judge Dredd (Midway brawler; NOT the Acclaim shooter) and Power-Up Baseball, which is an NBA Jam-style game but with MLB. I have the roms for both (jdreddp.zip and pubball.zip) in the mame/roms folder like all my other ROMs. I tried to manually add each ROM into Launchbox, first by dragging the roms, and second my clicking on tools->add ROMs and neither option works. It goes through all the motions like asking me if I want to download manuals and stuff like that, and when I finish it always says "0 games added". Does anyone know what's going on? A friend and I are desperately trying to play these but are getting nowhere. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the reply. I am guessing I probably told it not to import clones because I don't want Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles UK showing up instead of the American one. Is there a way to override that on a game-by-game basis?
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