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  1. JRPGod's Bezels Pack [264 and counting]

    All the bezels I've put together so far. Most of them are either re-purposed wallpapers or bezels that I found on the internet and had to fix anyway (e.g. the middle screen not being transparent on them, overlay sizes being wrong size), I put a slight twist on some of them, nothing fancy though. A huge thanks to all the original creators, be it fanartists, whoever did some of the original bezel templates or even the game studios themselves! I'm slowly going through my list of games adding bezels for each retro platform starting with snes, up to roughly 'F' atm. Will re-upload with my new ones every couple of days.
    All of them are set to work on a 16:9 resolution (1920x1080 ideally), with a 4:3 aspect ratio in retroarch, integer scaling set to OFF. Set overlay opacity however you like. Many will change as I get time to get to them (Looking at you Bahamut Lagoon), will keep a list of those here as I go. A lot of them will work just fine for the games on multiple platforms (Bubsy, as a random example, should be fine to use for the SNES or MegaDrive versions).
    List so far: 264 (Though this number might be off, I keep getting different numbers for what I have on the list and what I have in the pack - If anyone manages to find one of these inconsistencies PLEASE let me know so I can get it sorted)

    So with this update, I have now "finished" my PSX, SNES and Genesis/MegaDrive collections (only a few lightgun games which need to played with stand-alone emulators instead of retroarch are not on the list here). Bold + Underlined below = new with this upload, if you had just my SNES collection before this might make it a bit easier for you to keep track of what you need to update/look at for new. Notes next the bezel where applicable, please be aware of the handful of potentially NSFW ones.
    Up next will be either Saturn or N64!
    7th Saga – SNES
    Actraiser – SNES
    Actraiser 2 – SNES
    Aero Fighters – SNES
    AFL '99 (Australian Football League) – PSX
    Alundra - PSX
    Another World – SNES
    Arc the Lad - PSX
    Art of Fighting – SNES
    Assault Suit Leynos (Target Earth) – Genesis
    Assault Suits Valken (Cybernator) – SNES
    Assault Suits Valken II – PSX                                              Will work for any 32-bit and earlier mecha game I imagine
    Australian Rugby League – Genesis
    Bahamut Lagoon – SNES
    Baseball – SNES                                                                      For Ken Griffey Jr., Tecmo Baseball, etc.
    Batman and Robin – SNES/Genesis/PSX
    Batman Joker 1 – SNES/PSX
    Batman Joker 2 – SNES/PSX
    Batman – SNES/Genesis/PSX
    Battle Blaze – SNES
    Battletoads Double Dragon – SNES/Geneis
    Battletoads in Battlemaniacs – SNES/Genesis
    Beyond Oasis – Genesis
    BMX – PSX                                                                                            POTENTIALLY NSFW? Lol (you'll see why lol, still better to be safe) Used for Mat Hoffman's BMX, BMX XXX, etc.
    Bomberman – SNES/Genesis/PSX
    Bomberman – SNES/PSX/Genesis
    Bomberman – SNES/PSX/Genesis
    Bram Stoker's Dracula – SNES                                                                      POTENTIALLY NSFW I mean, it's really really not, honestly. But I think when I was zoomed in to a million percent for clipping there MAY have been a boob, I couldn't quite tell. Better to let you decide for yourself.
    Breath of Fire 2 – SNES
    Breath of Fire – PSX
    Breath of Fire – SNES                                                                                    Made by the amazing nadonate and included in this pack with his permission!
    Brian Lara Cricket '96 – Genesis
    Boxing – PSX                                                                                                 For Knockout Kings, Fight Night, etc.
    Bubsy – SNES/Genesis/PSX
    Bushido Blade – PSX
    Bust-a-Move – SNES
    Capcom's MVP Football – SNES
    Capcom vs. SNK – PSX
    Castlevania: Bloodlines – Genesis
    Castlevania Chronicles – PSX
    Castlevania: Dracula X – SNES
    Castlevania: Vampire's Kiss – SNES
    Chronicles of the Sword – PSX
    Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes Rom Hack – SNES
    Chrono Trigger: Flames of Eternity Rom Hack – SNES
    Chrono Trigger: Prophet's Guile Rom Hack – SNES
    Chrono Trigger – SNES/PSX
    Chrono Cross – PSX
    Clay Fighter – SNES
    Contra - PSX
    Contra III: Alien Wars – SNES
    Contra: Hard Corps – Genesis
    Crash Bandicoot – PSX
    Crash Bandicoot – PSX
    Crash Bash – PSX
    Crash Team Racing – PSX
    Dead or Alive – PSX
    Dead or Alive – PSX                                                                              POTENTIALLY NSFW
    Dexter's Laboratory – PSX
    Digimon – PSX
    Digimon – PSX
    Dino Crisis – PSX
    Dino Crisis – PSX
    Dragon Ball Z – SNES/Genesis/PSX
    Dragon Ball Z – SNES/Genesis/PSX
    Dragon Ball Z – SNES/Genesis/PSX
    Demon's Crest – SNES
    Donkey Kong Country – SNES
    Donkey Kong Country 2 – SNES
    Donkey Kong Country 3 – SNES
    Dr. Mario – SNES
    Dragon Quest I & II – SNES
    Dragon Quest III – SNES
    Dragon Quest V – SNES
    Dragon Quest VI – SNES
    Dragon Quest VII – PSX
    Dynasty Warriors – PSX
    Dynasty Warriorsu – PSX
    Earthbound – SNES
    Earthworm Jim – SNES/Genesis
    Ecco 1 – Genesis
    Ecco 2 – Genesis
    ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) – PSX
    ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) – PSX
    E.V.O. Search for Eden – SNES
    F-Zero – SNES
    Fatal Fury – SNES/Genesis
    Fatal Fury 2 – SNES/Genesis
    Fatal Fury Special – SNES
    Fatal Fury Real Bout – PSX
    Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition – PSX
    Fear Effect – PSX
    Fear Effect – PSX
    Final Fantasy IV (II in US) – SNES/PSX                                                                                   I mix and match between this and the one below for the different romhacks and 10th Anniversary Edition.
    Final Fantasy IV (II in US) – SNES/PSX
    Final Fantasy V – SNES/PSX
    Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World Rom Hack – SNES
    Final Fantasy VI: Return of the Dark Sorcerer Rom Hack – SNES
    Final Fantasy VI – SNES/PSX                                                                                                        Made by nadonate
    Final Fantasy VII – PSX
    Final Fantasy VII – PSX
    Final Fantasy VIII – PSX
    Final Fantasy VIII – PSX
    Final Fantasy IX – PSX
    Final Fantasy IX – PSX
    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest – SNES
    Final Fantasy Tactics – PSX
    Flashback: The Quest for Identity – SNES
    Front Mission: Gun Hazard – SNES
    Gex – PSX
    Ghost in the Shell - PSX
    Gradius – SNES
    Grand Theft Auto – PSX
    Grandia – PSX
    Guilty Gear – PSX
    Gundam – PSX
    Gunforce – SNES
    Gunstar Heroes – Genesis
    Hammerlock Wrestling – SNES
    Harvest Moon – SNES
    Illusion of Time/Illusion of Gaia – SNES
    Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale – PSX
    Jade Cocoon – PSX
    Killer Instinct – SNES                                                                                                    Functional
    King of Fighters – PSX
    Kirby – SNES
    Landstalker – Genesis
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver – PSX
    The Legend of Dragoon – PSX
    Legend of Legaia – PSX
    Legend of Mana – PSX
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – SNES                                                                     Made by nadonate!
    Lemmings – SNES
    Lufia – SNES
    Lufia – SNES
    Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete – PSX
    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue – PSX
    Madden NFL
    Mario is Missing! – SNES
    Mario's Time Machine – SNES
    Marvel Super Heroes – SNES/PSX
    Marvel vs Capcom/Street Fighter – PSX
    Marvel vs Capcom/Street Fighter – PSX
    Mega Man 7 – SNES/Genesis
    Mega Man Chibi – PSX/SNES
    Mega Man – PSX/SNES
    Mega Man X – SNES/PSX
    Mega Man X – SNES/PSX
    Mega Man Soccer – SNES
    Metal Gear Solid – PSX
    Metal Slug – PSX
    MoHawk & Headphone Jack – SNES
    Mortal Kombat – PSX/SNES/Genesis
    Mortal Kombat Cosplay – PSX/SNES/Genesis                                                                                                     POTENTIALLY NSFW There's no nudity at all, but it is probably a bit gratuitous. Again, decide for yourself.
    Mortal Kombat Sub Zero – PSX/SNES/Genesis
    Natsume Championship Wrestling – SNES
    NBA Jam – SNES
    NBA Live – SNES
    NHL – SNES
    NHL – SNES
    Ninja Gaiden – SNES/Genesis
    Oddworld – PSX
    Ogre Battle – SNES
    Parasite Eve – PSX
    Parasite Eve – PSX                                                                                                                                 POTENTIALLY NSFW
    Persona – PSX
    Phantasy Star – Genesis
    Pilotwings – SNES
    Primal Rage – PSX
    Prince of Persia – SNES
    Psychic Force – PSX
    Punch Out!! – SNES
    Resident Evil – PSX
    Resident Evil – PSX
    Racing – PSX                                                                                                             For Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, etc.
    Rayman – PSX
    Rayman – PSX
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms – PSX/SNES
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms – PSX/SNES
    SaGa Frontier – PSX
    Sailor Moon – SNES
    Sailor Moon RPG – SNES
    Secret of Evermore – SNES
    Secret of Mana – SNES                                                                                                     Made by nadonate!
    Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3) – SNES                                                              I tried to make this one like nadonate's SoM bezel to have them match, using a fan-made boxart I found with the same idea. It's not as good obviously, but I actually really like how it came out.
    Shining Force – Genesis
    Shining in the Darkness – Genesis
    Silent Hill – PSX
    Skateboarding – PSX                                                                                                    Tony Hawk games
    Soccer – SNES/PSX/Genesis
    Sonic & Knuckles – Genesis
    Sonic the Hedgehog – Genesis
    Sonic the Hedgehog – Genesis
    Soul Blade (Soul Edge) – PSX
    Soul Blazer – SNES
    South Park – PSX
    Star Fox – SNES
    Star Ocean – PSX/SNES
    Street Fighter – PSX/SNES/Genesis
    Street Fighter II: The World Warrior – SNES
    Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 2 – SNES
    Street Fighter 2 Special Champ Edition – Genesis
    Streets of Rage – Genesis
    Streets of Rage – Genesis
    Sub Terrania – Genesis
    Suikoden – PSX
    Sunset Riders – SNES
    Super Castlevania IV – SNES
    (Super) Fire Pro Wrestling – SNES/Genesis/PSX
    Super Fire Pro Wrestling: Queen's Special – SNES
    Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts – SNES
    Super Mario All Stars – SNES
    Super Mario Kart – SNES Functional
    Super Mario RPG – SNES
    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island – SNES
    Super Metroid – SNES                                                                                                           Made by nadonate!
    Super Street Fighter II– SNES/Genesis                                                                              Made by nadonate!
    Syphon Filter – PSX
    Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together – PSX
    Tales of Destiny – PSX
    Tales of Phantasia – SNES
    Tecmo Basketball – SNES
    Tecmo Bowl – SNES
    Tekken – PSX
    Tekken – PSX
    Tennis – PSX/SNES
    Terranigma – SNES
    The Lost Vikings – SNES
    The Lost Vikings – SNES hehe
    The Simpsons – SNES/PSX
    The Simpsons Wrestling – PSX
    Thousand Arms – PSX
    Threads of Fate – PSX
    Time Commando – PSX
    Toejam & Earl – Genesis
    Vagrant Story – PSX
    Valkyrie Profile – PSX
    WCW SuperBrawl – SNES
    WCW vs. The World – PSX
    WCW/NWO Thunder – PSX
    Wild Arms – PSX
    Wild Arms 2 – PSX
    Wing Commander – SNES
    WWF Raw – SNES/Genesis
    WWF Royal Rumble – SNES/Genesis
    WWF Super Wrestlemania – SNES/Genesis
    WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game – PSX/SNES/Genesis
    WWF Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels – PSX/SNES/Genesis                                                                                          I use for WWF In Your House fwiw
    WWF Steve Austin – PSX/SNES/Genesis                                                                                                                          NSFW? Maybe? I use for War Zone and Attitude
    WWF Rock n Sock – PSX/SNES/Genesis                                                                                                                          I use for Smackdown 1 and 2
    Xenogears – PSX
    Yoshi – SNES
    Ys III – SNES
    Ys IV – SNES
    Yu-Gi-Oh! – PSX
    Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling – SNES
    Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling Dash – SNES
    Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling: Fight da Pon! – SNES
    Zombies Ate My Neighbours – SNES


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  2. Gameboy Advance Bezel for Retroarch

    Wasn't a fan of how small a screen all the gba bezels/overlays seemed to want me to have. It might be pixel perfect or w/e I dunno and I'm just a scrub, but I wasn't a fan. So I repurposed a wallpaper I found on google images. It's about as basic as you could expect from a bezel. Used mGBA in retroarch, all default settings except Integer Scaling turned ON.
    Oh I forgot to add, it's for a 1920x1080 display.


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