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  1. Oh sweet, this is awesome. I've been "out of the hobby" for a bit now and in the process of updating my launchbox - This is a very welcome addition, using this over mine with your settings now too.
  2. Reserving this as a placeholder. For anyone who likes these but had a game not in my collection, or wants one for a game on a system I haven't gotten to yet, I'm open to taking requests, just drop what you'd like here and I'll be on it when I can.
  3. For what it's worth, I recently went through the process of replacing all my ISO's to BIN/CUE for friendlier support with the mednafen systems, and the more accuracy-focused emulators get the more likely you are going to be to need the CUE/BIN formats in the future. Play around with zip, but DON'T convert all your bin/cue's to isos or something equally worse, that will only come to bite you in the ass. Just my $0.02
  4. Thank you kindly. And I'm sorry for my comments to you the other day, was inappropriate of me.
  5. Very weird, doesn't seem to be my VPN. Definitely no ban for *redacted*? If not, then I'm not really sure what to try.
  6. Thanks for taking a look mate, that image is all I get when I try to connect from my account, but it works if I log out, combined with the fact that I should've still been connected to server I thought maybe was banned. That's strange then. Maybe my VPN IP range had to be banned? Will test a few different IP ranges see if it's that.
  7. Did I get banned out of the server? No longer in my list and says invites are invalid, but same invite works for guests...
  8. Wow @Omen get over yourself mate. Truly. The dude is making a very valid point. And I share his frustrations, both his original point and the frustration of being told "get over it your vote wouldnt have mattered anyway" heh.
  9. This is sick! Any plans of ever incorporating the XIII trilogy and (10 days to go!!!!!!!!) XV? ^^
  10. I think plenty of people would be interested! No need to place them on emumovies as far as I see it though, submit them here and contribute to the awesome repository of overlays and bezels we're starting to pull together here at Launchbox. ^^
  11. Have you tried tinkering with the DX9 driver instead of the DX11? @Arcade1993
  12. I just had surgery to have 3 tendons reattached in my right hand, so im very limited in being able to further explain anything. I can say it wont screw with other xinput games about 99% sure - xinput doesnt care about OEMName at all. I cant confirm this is what OP wants though - It'll definitely make retroarch easier for him, and MAME may behave the same since you also choose between directinput and xinput in MAME, but MAME might ignore OEMName whereas Retroarch matches it. The most importanrt thing in these situations is t o make sure u use dinput (even with xinput con
  13. LOL Took me so long to figure out what this was. Did you seriously write software for DOS in 2018? What a beast.
  14. Another awesome submission from the master. Looks sick!!
  15. I don't quite understand what you mean I'm sorry. "It quickly goes through all the files and downloads nothing" - As in after you go through the metadata wizard, and it says alright starting downloads now, at the bottom of launchbox it shows as having identified the media, then not downloading it/moving onto the next one? If yes, this usually means you already have the media downloaded, and you needed to either go "Tools > Refresh All Images", failing that try clearing your cache (be warned, if you have a huge library, there's going to be a performance hit for a while as it rebuilds),
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