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  1. Super happy you ported this! I kind of swore off pi's just because of all the little issues that kind of add up to to be more trouble than its worth. Mini Pc's with BigBox from now on. Friends who know nothing about emulation, front ends or anything always love this theme the most too.
  2. So I've only had Launchbox for a couple of weeks and I'm loving it and currently in process of replacing Hyperspin on my Arcade cabinet with BigBox. Now That I have my main PC with all my systems and roms in the right folders, I decided to make a portable version. Long Story short, I can't get it to work. I installed it on two different portable drives so I don't think it's that. In fact when I try to boot Bigbox or launchbox off of my main PC, it won't load either. I have an older, less complete setup that does work when I try on my other PCs. I'm trying to figure what my best course of action is. Should I try reinstalling in the Launchbox folder or is there something I'm really overlooking? Its not .Net or drivers because the old builds do work fine. Also, probably more of a NOOB question, but I can't figure out how to set up button combinations like Right and Left Bumper at the same time to exit games. Its no big deal for retroarch, but for Project 64 and PCSX2 it would be nice. Thanks
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